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[e][h]KT Rolster
Team Information
Eji (Jo Byung Ho / 조병호)
  • Lee Kil Man (이길만)
  • Coach:H.O.T-Forever (Kang Doh Kyung / 강도경)
  • Coach:ZergBong (Lim Jae Duk / 임재덕)
  • Coach:Hery (Kim Yoon Hwan / 김윤환)
Lee Ji Hoon (이지훈)
Team Captain:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Player earnings:
2010 Shinhan Bank Winners League2009–2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague2010–11 Shinhan Bank Proleague
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Protoss 7
Terran 3
Zerg 6
Zerg Crazy-Hydra from Woongjin Stars (03/2011)

KT Rolster (KT 롤스터) is a Korean StarCraft professional team. The team was formerly known as KTF MagicNs. It was a StarCraft team until 2012, when KeSPA switched to StarCraft II. The team disbanded its Starcraft II roster on October 18, 2016.[1] It now only has a League of Legends team.


  • Created as Raptors in 1998
  • Changed name to KTF MagicNs in March 2001
  • Changed name to KT Fingerboom on July 31, 2009[2]
  • Changed name to olleh KT on August 10, 2009[3]
  • Changed name to KT Rolster on August 25, 2009[4]


KT Rolster (formerly KTF MagicNS) is one of the oldest progaming teams and longtime rivals of SK Telecom T1. Founded as Raptors, they became KTF MagicNs in 2001, then KT MagicNs near the end of the 2008-2009 Proleague Season, changing their sponsor from subsidiary KTF to parent company KT. At the end of the season they changed to KT Fingerboom for a little while before settling on KT Rolster (short for Roller Coaster).

Since their sponsor is rich, KT is famous for buying many strong players, leading many to compare it to the football club Real Madrid. In their first Golden Age, KTF's roster featured greats and Starleague champions such as YellOw, Reach, Nal_rA, Sync, TheMarine, Chojja, and Goodfriend. Despite their star-studded lineup featuring many Starleague finalists, they were unable to defeat their rival SKT in the 2005 SKY Proleague Grand Final. Soon, many of KTF's top players began aging and a rapid decline ensued. Many were forced to enter the Air Force, such as YellOw and Reach, while others simply retired. During this time, KTF Coach Garimto tried to make a comeback into progaming, but was met with failure.

During these dark days for KTF, a new star began to rise: Flash. Soon, he began to carry the team on his shoulders, with little support from 815, Lucifer, Tempest, Sair, and Hery. KTF managed to finish in a middling position thanks to Flash's meteoric rise, including his win of the 2008 Bacchus OSL; this led to the nickname "KTFlash," since Flash would often have to win both his match and the ACE match for KTF to win. Soon, however, KTF began to flex its financial muscle again, acquiring MSL champions Luxury and fOrGG, both of whom had defeated Flash convincingly in individual leagues--EVER2008 OSL and Arena MSL, respectively. Unfortunately, this deadly combination was never to materialize as both Luxury and fOrGG slumped and Flash was again forced to carry KTFlash on his shoulders.

Only until 2009 did KT finally begin producing homegrown talents such as Violet and later Stats, thanks largely to the coaching of H.O.T-Forever. Luxury and fOrGG would also sporadically perform well, usually when the other did not, but this was enough to begin easing some of Flash's burden. Upon the beginning of the 2009-2010 Proleague Season, something finally clicked as Flash, Violet, and Luxury led KT to a 10-1 record. Throughout the 2009-2010 season, incredible play by Flash, supported by wins from Violet, Stats, Luxury, and fOrGG, led KT to a #1 position at the end of the regular season. Though Luxury was forced to retire in the Match Fixing Scandal, severely weakening KT's Zerg line, they were still able to eke out some wins with Hoejja, 815, and FireFist serving as snipers in ZvP and ZvZ.

As of 8th August 2010, KT has become the new champion of 2009-2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague after defeating their longtime rival and defending champion SK Telecom T1 4-2 in the Proleague Grand Finals, with wins by Violet, Stats, Tempest and Flash over Canata, Bisu, s2 and Hyuk respectively.

Notable Former Players[edit]


KT is a South Korean telecommunications company. Originally, the team was named after KTF, a subsidiary of KT, that specializes in cellular phones.

The team is also sponsored by ZOWIE GEAR, a gaming gear company. Working with KT Rolster to produce gaming gear products such as mice, headsets, keyboards and mouse pads for e-sports.


  • KT also has a Special Forces team in addition to their StarCraft team.
  • KT also sponsors a number of sports teams, including a professional basketball team known as KT Sonicboom.

Team Achievements[edit]

Place Year Event/League
2nd 2011-2012 SK Planet Proleague Season 1
1st 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague 10–11
2nd 2011 Shinhan Bank Winners League
3rd 2010 GyeongNam STX Masters Cup
1st 2009-2010 Shinhan Bank Proleague
1st 2010 Shinhan Bank Winners League
3rd 2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League
2nd 2008 Proleague Rivals Battle
1st 2008 Minor League
2nd 2007-2008 Minor League
2nd 2005 SKY ProLeague Grand Final
3rd 2005 SKY ProLeague Round 2
2nd 2005 SKY ProLeague Round 1
2nd 2004 SKY ProLeague Round 3
2nd 2003-2004 LG IBM MBC Team League

Proleague Performance[edit]

Round Record Terran Record Protoss Record Zerg Record 4th Man Record
2006 Round 1 7-3 Terran Goodfriend 6-3 Protoss Nal_rA 3-3 Zerg ChoJJa 5-3 Terran Hery 2-3
2006 Round 2 3-7 Terran Hery 4-3 Protoss Reach 2-2 Zerg ChoJJa 1-4 Protoss Nal_rA 1-2
2007 Round 1 11-11 Terran Hery 9-7 Protoss Nal_rA 10-10 Zerg ChoJJa 5-5 Terran Flash 7-3
2007 Round 2 10-12 Terran Flash 10-8 Protoss Nal_rA 1-9 Zerg 815 8-2 Terran Hery 4-7
2008 Proleague 13-9 Terran Flash 17-8 Protoss LuCifer 6-5 Zerg 815 6-7 Terran Hery 3-2
08-09 Rounds 1-2 10-12 Terran Flash 19-7 Protoss Tempest 3-8 Zerg Luxury 9-11 Zerg FireFist 3-4
08-09 Round 3 (WL) 7-4 Terran Flash 18-6 Protoss Violet 1-1 Zerg Luxury 12-8 Zerg HoeJJa 5-7
08-09 Round 4 4-7 Terran Flash 6-5 Protoss Violet 6-0 Zerg Luxury 1-8 Terran fOrGG 2-4
08-09 Round 5 8-3 Terran Flash 11-3 Protoss Violet 6-3 Zerg 815 5-2 Zerg Luxury 4-2
09-10 Round 1 10-1 Terran Flash 11-1 Protoss Violet 7-0 Zerg Luxury 7-2 Zerg HoeJJa 1-2
09-10 Round 2 7-4 Terran Flash 11-2 Protoss Violet 6-6 Zerg Luxury 1-4 Zerg HoeJJa 2-2
09-10 Round 3 (WL) 10-1 Terran Flash 19-3 Protoss Stats 7-3 Zerg HoeJJa 3-3 Terran fOrGG 8-7
09-10 Round 4 6-5 Terran Flash 10-3 Protoss Stats 6-1 Zerg HoeJJa 1-4 Terran fOrGG 5-5
09-10 Round 5 5-6 Terran Flash 6-7 Protoss Stats 5-4 Zerg HoeJJa 2-2 Terran fOrGG 4-1
10-11 Round 1 3-6 Terran Flash 9-1 Protoss Stats 5-5 Zerg Action 4-5 Terran fOrGG 4-4
10-11 Round 2 4-5 Terran Flash 9-1 Protoss Stats 6-3 Zerg Action 3-5 Protoss Violet 3-5
10-11 Rounds 3-4 (WL) 17-2 Terran Flash 24-5 Protoss Stats 25-9 Zerg Action 14-10 Zerg Crazy-Hydra 7-4
10-11 Rounds 5-6 9-9 Terran Flash 8-8 Protoss Stats 10-9 Zerg Crazy-Hydra 7-9 Zerg Action 6-6
11-12 Round 1 4-3 Terran Flash 5-0 Protoss Stats 5-1 Zerg Crazy-Hydra 3-2 Zerg HoeJJa 1-3
11-12 Round 2 5-2 Terran Flash 6-0 Protoss Stats 4-2 Zerg Action 2-2 Protoss Wooki 2-1
11-12 Round 3 3-4 Terran Flash 4-2 Protoss Stats 2-4 Zerg Crazy-Hydra 4-0 Protoss Wooki 2-3


Player Roster[edit]

Zerg Cacia
이동원 Lee Dong Won
Zerg Action
김성대 Kim Seong Dae
2132.37 pts2166.66 pts
Terran BarrackS
황병영 Hwang Byung Yung
2029.81 pts2040.95 pts
Zerg Crazy
임정현 Lim Jung Hyun
2148.7 pts2173.23 pts
Terran Flash
이영호 Lee Young Ho
2288.21 pts2443.35 pts
Zerg HoeJJa
고강민 Koh Kang Min
2089.34 pts2140.55 pts
Protoss Motive
원선재 Won Seon Jae
Terran Mind
박성균 Park Sung Gyoon
2105.46 pts2199.64 pts
Protoss NoroO
노경래 Noh Kyung Rae
Protoss PerfectMan
김태균 Kim Tae Gyoon
2003.93 pts2040.4 pts
Zerg pinOkiO
유성엽 Yoo Sung Yoeb
Protoss StatsKT RolsterKT Rolster
김대엽 Kim Dae Yeob
2174.21 pts2237.9 pts
Protoss VioletKT RolsterKT Rolster
우정호 Woo Jung Ho
2104.36 pts2197.89 pts
Protoss ZestKT RolsterKT Rolster
주성욱 Joo Sung Wook
2056.93 pts2137.28 pts


Articles and Interviews[edit]

  • End of the Line. A Team Liquid Final Edit by Arrian, detailing the history of KT and its trouble finding continued success and team identity.

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