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Player Information
Romanized Name:
Park Yong Wook
December 6, 1983 (1983-12-06) (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
The Devil, Green Tea Toss
Total Earnings:
MyCube OSL
2001-??-?? — 2003-??-??
2003-??-?? — 2003-12-??
2003-12-?? — 2004-04-??
2004-04-?? — 2008-??-??
2008-??-?? — ????-??-??
SK Telecom T1 (Coach)

Park "Kingdom" Yong Wook is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for SK Telecom T1.


I believe all Protoss units have a lot of potential, they are just very hard to use. - Kingdom

Known for particularly amazing probe and dragoon control and for being one of The Three Kings of Protoss, Park Yong Wook is one of the great Protoss users in StarCraft history. During his time in 4U and then SKT T1, he was one of the key players that helped them to win many teamleagues. He also coached BeSt and to a lesser extent Bisu when he became the Protoss coach for SKT.

Before his contract with Hanbit, he was already an established player by taking 1st place in many small tournaments. He joined a team created in Pusan called StarCraft Mania that had players like H.O.T-Forever, Reach and GARIMTO. He fought with parents a lot during this time because they didn't approve of his career and being eliminated from the Knight Bridges Korea (KBK) tournament didn't help his argument.

During this time, he qualified for the 2001 Hanbitsoft OSL. On his way up, he even took down the coach of MBCGame Heroes, Lee and the soon-to-be star player, YellOw. But his crowning achievement was his strong performance against Grrrr... and BoxeR (dealing his only loss) while being a full-time student. After finishing fourth, he decided to focus on his education and put his career on-hold. However, his performance, HOT's second place and GARIMTO's first place, prompted Hanbit to sponsor SM, which became the Hanbit Stars.

When Yong Wook turned full-time pro in the late half of 2002 Hanbit readily took him aboard. But to do so, meant that he had to turn his back on his parents. They were pushing for him to continue in his education, or be sent to the army and did not approve of his career. Nevertheless he went to Hanbit and lived his dream. Yong Wook would follow BoxeR to Orion after Hanbit after he decided to leave he team. The manager for Orion, Joo Hoon, talked to Yong Wook before recruiting him, and upon hearing the issues with his parent went to sort it out. Joo Hoon organized a conference in which he persuaded them to let him play with their blessing.

About this time he earned the nickname "Devil Toss". Popular myth would have you believe that the nickname stems from Yong Wook being the anti-hero to Reach. However, the real root of the nickname came from two things. Firstly, when he was little he would always root for the bad guy over the good guy; he would always try to be the opposite. And secondly: Well let’s see… it probably started around the Hanbit Tourney… I think it was Jong Ill-Hoon who said it first I guess that’s how nicknames start usually. At first it was weird but after a while I wanted it to have a strong impression so I worked harder. -Park Yong Wook

His return was met with difficulties as he was not able to qualify for any tournaments. Then a big break came when he got into the finals of the OGN Challenge League with the rising star Nal_rA. Both of them are making their way to the top of the progaming world and it was his PvP that prevailed 3-2. By winning the OCL 2002, he was seeded into the Olympus OSL Ro16. Unfortunately, he made an early exit, getting knocked out 0-3 in the Ro16.

Yong Wook would make a return in the MyCube OSL blitzing his group 3-0 and edged out fellow Protoss player ZeuS and BoxeR in their Ro8 tiebreakers. He would show an impressive semifinal against Junwi defeating him 3-0, and then go on to defeat Nal_rA, again in the final 3-1. This impressive MyCube performance solidified Yong Wook's claim as the third Protoss King. Defeating Nal_rA here would start the fan circles dreaming up the "rA > Reach > Kingdom > rA" triangle. This victory is also noted by Yong Wook as the highlight of his career, as he got to win in front of his parents. While this was going on, he carried his team to victory in OGN's KTF-EVER Cup by defeating Silent_Control in Sin Gaema Gowon. After the expected OSL Curse slump, Yong Wook bounced back in 2004 blitzing his group 3-0 in the Gillette OSL while simultaneously reaching the winner bracket semifinals in 2004 SPRIS MSL, taking down XellOs, NaDa and the TheMarine. While just losing out to Silent_Control 1-2 in the Round of 8 in OSL, Yong Wook along with IntotheRainbow carried SKT T1 to victory in the 2004 Tucson MBCGame Team League, and stormed through the MSL; losing to iloveoov 2-0 in the winner's final, defeating Nal_rA 3-0 in the loser's final, and losing again to oov in the Grand Final 3-2. Yong Wook has remarked that of all Terran players, iloveoov is the hardest for him to play against.

During WCG Korea 2004, Yong Wook lost 1-2 to July but on Korhal of Ceres earned himself an unpimpest play award for performing a proxy 2 gate zealot rush, only to trap his zealots in with his gateways. This move, dubbed 'Kingdumb', has gone down in WCG and StarCraft history as one of the worst rushes ever preformed. Yong Wook was invited to participate in KT-KTF 2004 and preformed weakly, going 4-7 overall. In 2004 You Are the Golf King MSL, Yong Wook would showcase another impressive performance. Notably against Rage on Arizona where he defeated a fully operational base with 2 dragoons (he had lost his main thanks to a dark templar rush). This display of micro is one of the most impressive demonstrations of control recorded on TV and has been immortalized because of it. However, he did not go too far in the tournament losing in the Loser Bracket Ro8-2.

Yong Wook made appearances in Starleagues during 2005, but did not get out of the group stages. However, he did play a vital role in SK Telecom T1's 2005 Proleague victory. Aiding his team in winning both Round 1, Round 2 and the Grand Finals in 2005. He would also aid in the 2006 Proleague Season 1 victory over MBCgame Hero.

Yong Wook also participated in both 2006 Pringles MSL Season 1 and 2006 Pringles MSL Season 2. In Pringles 1, he made an impressive showing; including a Dark Archon mind control rush against Reach on 815 III, and demolishing old-time barrier iloveoov 2-1 and the Emperor himself, BoxeR, on his way to the semifinals. In line with the these reversals (eliminating Reach and Oov) he lost to Nal_rA 3-0 and took third. In Pringles 2 he again made an impressive showing. Against NaDa on Blitz he showed some uncharacteristic insane macro, which completely destroyed his opponent. He eventually lost out to sAviOr and Silver in the quarterfinals group stages.

Yong Wook assumed the captaincy of SKT after BoxeR departed for the army. When Kingdom retired he became a coach for SKT and later a commentator for OnGameNet. He hosts a show on OGN called "Mr.Yong's Manner Pylon", and participates in the "After Talk" show alongside Kim Carrier, Uhm Jaegyung and Nal_rA.[1]


  • Known for his excellent micromanagement skills
  • He has stated that for him Reach, Oov and his Zerg teammates are the hardest to play against.
  • Also known for his various Dark Archon usage and his strong PvP
  • He usually brings tea with him during games (during the middle of his career, his fans would give him one instead)


Yong Wook usually does aggressive openers to start the game. From Zealot-first builds to harass-oriented Reaver builds it is meant to make use of his unit control which allows him to gain the advantage, keeping the Terran in his base or in rarer cases, cripple him outright. Although not as notable as the other two Kings in the macro and strategy department Kingdom doesn't lack in them. In strategy, Kingdom likes to do not often used strategies involving Protoss spellcasters whenever possible and values creativity a lot.

In all match-ups, Kingdom likes to use Reavers to great effect as seen in his games versus rA in the MyCube Finals and Oov in the SPRIS Finals. In Protoss vs. Terran, he varies his strategies by using different standard builds in his games. In several games against Terran, he used abusive styles such as the game vs. XellOs where he blocked the map's center bridges with an army of dragoons while his carriers attacked back and forth from his base to the bridges as needed. In Protoss vs. Protoss, he uses Reavers and Dark Templars to continually harass his opponent. His unit control gives him an advantage in small skirmishes and as well as in huge engagements. In Protoss vs. Zerg, he uses an ultra-aggressive style to harass his opponent and wear him down while building his own advantage.


  • Despite his title as the "King of PvP," he is 2-4 against Reach.
  • The direction of his career is similar to that of GoRush.
  • Kingdom is known as Green Tea Protoss because he drinks a lot of green tea during games. Once he put the green tea next to his computer and people started saying he was paid by the green tea company to advertise for them.[2]
  • Before the advent of Bisu, Kingdom was said to have the best multitasking ability of all Protoss players.
  • Appeared multiple times and practiced with Nal_rA on "Nal_rA's Oldboy Series," which aired in 2010 and documented Nal_rA's attempt at qualifying for the OSL.


2006-11-11EA5 - 6thA0Premier1v12006 Pringles MSL Season 22006 Pringles MSL Season 2KingdomSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T11-2Grp S. 
2006-06-22CA3 - 4thA0Premier1v12006 Pringles MSL Season 12006 Pringles MSL Season 1KingdomSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T10 : 3South Korea  Nal_rA 
2004-08-29BA2ndA0Premier1v12004 SPRIS MSL2004 SPRIS MSLKingdomSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 3South Korea  iloveoov$8,050
2004-08-01EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v12004 Gillette OSL2004 Gillette OSLKingdomSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T11 : 2South Korea  Control 
2004-07-17BA2ndA0PremierTeam2004 SKY Proleague Round 12004 SKY Proleague Round 1KingdomSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T13 : 4Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars 
2003-12-14EB5 - 7thA0Premier1v12003 KT KTF Premier League2003 KT KTF Premier LeagueKingdom4 Union4 Union1 : 0South Korea  SoNiC)BlacK$6,300
2003-11-09AA1stA0Premier1v12003 MyCube OSL2003 MyCube OSLKingdomOrionOrion3 : 1South Korea  Nal_rA$16,100
2003-08-30AA1stA0PremierTeam2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague2003 KTF EVER Cup ProleagueKingdomOrionOrion4 : 1Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars 
2003-06-22DA4thA0PremierTeam2003 KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team League2003 KeMongSa KPGA Tour Team LeagueKingdomHanbit StarsHanbit Stars1-3Grp S.$480
2001-04-27DA4thA0Premier1v12001 Hanbitsoft OSL2001 Hanbitsoft OSLKingdomHanbit StarsHanbit Stars0 : 2South Korea  Grrr... 
Complete list of results in any tournament
Place Year Event/League
1st 2003 OnGameNet Challenge League
3rd 2006 Pringles Season 1 MBCGame StarCraft League
OSL Champion
Olympus OSL
Preceded By:
South Korea  XellOs
MyCube OSL
9th November 2003-21st March 2004
South Korea  Kingdom
Succeeded By:
South Korea  Nal_rA

Notable Games[edit]



The finals of the 2003 MyCube OSL against Nal_rA