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Marcin Nowak
October 7, 1988 (1988-10-07) (age 31)
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iG, vTv, alc

Marcin kogeT Nowak was born on 7th October 1988 in Poland. Till 2013 he lived in Łódź, Poland, and since then he is living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Koget has two kids and apart from SC:BW he enjoyes playing guitar, chess & table tennis. He also creates maps for different games (StarCraft, Warcraft 2, Heroes 3).



Marcin kogeT Nowak is a Terran player from Poland and leader of team Netwars. His former main race was Zerg and he previously played for numerous Polish (like eR, GN, VBK) and international teams. (like MgZ, iG, alc) Despite playing StarCraft, since 1998, and online from 2002, kogeT has been relatively unknown to international scene. This has been mostly because of size and robustness of Polish scene, that was running it's own leagues and tournaments, both team and individual. Playing random or racepicking Zerg or Protoss, Koget started to achieve strong results, placing in top of Polish Championships in both singles and doubles.[1][2] In the period 2006 - 2012, kogeT switched to full zerg, ocasionally playing TvZ instead of ZvZ in less important matches. That is also when kogeT started playing in more and more international events. He had a 77% win ratio in GosuGamers ranking.[3]

In 2008, he placed 2nd in PGA Tournament in Poznan, on his way beating MistrZZZ, Dreiven and Draco. (1500 PLN prize pool) [4]

Koget also attended numerous online and offline tournaments in Poland and abroad, including RTS Master Challenge 2006 (Budapest, 5th place), Rymarov LanCraft Summer (Czech Republic, 1st place), Rymarov LanCraft Silesia (Czech Republic, 2nd place), ESL Major Series Season 5 (3rd place)

2012 - now[edit]

After release of SC II and end of Kespa Era kogeT retired. He came back to the game in 2013, and in year 2014, he decided to switch to Terran. Since then, kogeT played in many online events, including TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague Championship (3rd place), many Have At You! series finals, Bombastic StarLeague 4 (2nd place) and other minor tournaments.

kogeT placed 5th-6th in Italian Esports Open offline finals in Luca, winning 1000$.[5]


  • kogeT through his StarCraft career played all races. Since 2006 till 2014 he played zerg, and from 2014 he plays terran. [6]
  • Favorite foreigner made map: Lost Temple [6]


2019-10-13DA4thA0PremierRCG 2019: Corrupted CupRCG 2019: Corrupted CupKogeT0 : 3 TrutaCz$526
2018-12-23DA4thA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 5Bombastic StarLeague 5KogeT0 : 3 trutaCz$100
2018-09-08EC5 - 8thA1MajorStarLadder Pro SeriesStarLadder Pro SeriesKogeT2 : 3 eOnzErG$75
2018-06-16BA2ndA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 4Bombastic StarLeague 4KogeT3 : 4 Dandy$250
2018-04-22BA2ndA3BiweeklyHave At You 14Have At You 14KogeT2 : 3 Shinee$148
2017-11-01EA5 - 6thA1MajorItalian esports openItalian esports openKogeT1-2Grp S.$1,000
2016-04-03CA3rdA1MajorTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague ChampionshipTeamLiquid Legacy Starleague ChampionshipKogeT3 : 2 LancerX$250
2010-03-07BA2ndA2MinorLanCraft Silesia 2010LanCraft Silesia 2010KogeT2 : 3 MaNa$53
2010-02-01CA3rdA1MajorESL Major Series Season 5ESL Major Series Season 5KogeT3 : 1 White-Ra$139
2009-08-30AA1stA2MinorLanCraft Summer 2009LanCraft Summer 2009KogeT3 : 0 MaNa$57
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