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[e][h]Zerg Kolll
Player Information
Anton Emmerich
February 4, 1995 (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
WCG Germany 2009
2007-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
2009-04-?? — 2010-??-??
2010-??-?? — Present

Anton "Kolll" Emmerich is a German Zerg and member of team LRM Evolutions.


Up until 2007, Kolll had been playing Warcraft III for various clans and participating in tournaments. In 2007, his brothers told him about StarCraft, and recommended it as a good game.[1] In the first year of his career Emmerich improved quite quickly and claimed to have hit a B- ranking on ICCup within five months[2]. Especially within the German scene the young Zerg made himself a name due to his performances in clan leagues and show matches. In February 2009 he was already able to beat GoOdy with a 4-3 and destroy HoRRoR with a 3-0 in the German King of the Hill[3]. Two months later, the talent joined the international top team ESC Icy Box, followed the team to mousesports and stayed there until the team disbanded eventually in 2010.[4]

Kolll's first tournament entry were the WCG Germany 2009 in Soltau. He was able to beat the established Zerg Breakdown and the tournament favourite HoRRoR on his way and eventually qualified for the main event in China. The fourteen year old caused some upset in the German scene, when he described Mondragon as too old[5] after his win in one of the Dragon Cups[6]. Especially HoRRoR posted various insults and condescending remarks at and in the comments of the Münchner Abendzeitung, which published an article about Emmerich on their online portal.[7] However, kolll was supported by the German community and handled as Germanies biggest hope.[8] In Chengdu the Zerg was able to advance from group stage, his only losses coming from Draco and JaeDong. The biggest upset however was that Emmerich was able to defeat Idra, who was residing and training in Korea, with a clear 2-0 in the Quarterfinals. Afterwards kolll lost to Stork in the Semifinals and to Bisu in the game for the third place.

After the WCG 2009 kolll couldn't keep his high win rate against top foreigners and couldn't win any further major tournaments. In the Teamliquid Starleague 2 he lost to Fenix, a player he defeated in China without much effort. A year later, in the WCG Germany 2010, he lost twice to Infernal and hence missed to win the only spot for the main event.

Kolll kept on playing Brood War after shortly trying out StarCraft II. Since his team mousesports disbanded, he joined the international team LRM Evolutions. In the following three years he casually played in clan leagues and other events.


Kolll was infamous for his two hatch muta build orders. Especially due to his mass training on ladders like ICCup his mechanical skill was exceptional. Regardless of match up, kolll used to micro his mutalisks from the early game on to gain a significant advantage over the other races. Consequently he had the best records against Terrans and in the Mirror Match up, while only performing weak against Protoss[9]. Once the Korean Terrans learned how to effectively deny mutalisk harass, the foreign players caught up with kolll's strategies. Since the German never really bothered to re-invent his style, he soon fell behind and could only rely on his mirror match.


2012-01-153rdMinorRibbon OriginalW : -$15
2011-07-161stMinorDesert Outpost Invitational3 : 0$50
2011-04-0936th - 39thMajorAoV iCCup StarLeagueAoV iCCup StarLeague1 : 3-
2010-07-102ndMajorWCG Germany 2010WCG Germany 20100 : 3-
2010-02-289th - TSL1 : 3$250
2009-11-144thPremierWCG 2009WCG 20090 : 2-
2009-08-021stMajorWCG Germany 2009WCG Germany 20093 : 0-
2009-07-1817th - 32ndMinorValor StarleagueL : W-
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