StarCraft Remastered Ladder

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The StarCraft Remastered Ladder was first introduced with the pre-release of the game in South Korea where the game was available to play two weeks early in the country's PC bangs.


Blizzard initial plan was to make Matchmaking and Ladder a feature for both StarCraft: Remastered and the StarCraft Anthology[1] but ended up being exclusive to Remastered.[2]

Map Pool[edit]

Maps for each season can be found here: SC:R Ladder Maps

Ladder System[edit]

How Does it work?[edit]

  • Placement Matches:
    • All players begin the season unranked and are placed in the appropriate league after completing 5 placement matches.
  • Frontier Leegue MMR:
    • Frontier League MMR will he used to determine suitable opponents for Season 1 placement matches.
  • MMR Decay:
    • S Rank players will be marked "inactive" if they do not play at least 5 games each week. "Inactive" status will trigger weekly MMR decay every Monday at 6:00 PM (GMT)