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[e][h]Terran Largo
Player Information
Виктор Милов
Romanized Name:
Viktor Milov
April 19, 1987 (1987-04-19) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
reps)Largo, Kisa, Zaya, stimaddict
MiG, reps

Viktor Largo Milov is a Russian Terran player and currently member of The fun-gaming pro team.


Largo is mostly known for his organizational work in the Russian Brood War community, even though his achievements as player are notable, too. In real life the Terran plays poker for a living and graduated as culture specialist from university in 2009. He currently lives in Moscow.[1]

Career as player[edit]

Largo started to play Brood War in 2004, in which he entered various small LANs in Moscow. He joined the clan MiG in the same year and took over as leader several months later.

After he graduated from university Largo started to play competitively in different leagues and offline events in the Russian scene. Around mid 2012 his training started to show, when he finished among the first places in Defiler Tours and the St. Petersburg LAN. Since MiG disbanded Largo founded a new team with Plumbum and Defi in 2011: the fun-gaming pro team. With this team the Terran won the ICCup Clan League 20.[1]

Aside from his records in these events Largo has been a player for the Russian National Team in Altitude Nation Wars and SBWI Nation Wars. He was nominated for 'best Terran 2012' by ICCup.[2]

Work as organizer[edit]

The Russian is one of the most active organizers in the Russian scene. He started to work as a news editor for the Russian scene page in 2004. In the following years he mostly covered LAN tournaments like the ASUS Series or the Season League. Largo was also one of the manager of's team in Sandlot Tournament.[1]

After the StarCraft II Beta Largo was one of the few editors of the Russian scene that still covered Brood War events. He started to co-organize several of the official Defiler Tournaments, Defi Mini Tours and was the main organizer of the Russian King of the Hill and hosted the Moscow New Year LAN 2012. For this effort he was nominated for the extra mile award by ICCup.[2]


  • Largo wrote a series of articles on his way to B- on [3]
  • In 2010 Largo wrote a forum topic about him being attacked by a duck while jogging.[4] Afterwards he was nagged for this incident multiple times by users doing montages of his photos and ducks.[5]
  • When Largo was white-washed by Dewalt in the Russian King of the Hill yoda and his wife sang "My Heart Will Go on" in Russian for Largo[6]


2014-12-20DA4thA2Minor1v1Moscow The Last Champion LANMoscow The Last Champion LANLargo0 : 1Russia  Tama 
2013-11-09CA3rdA2Minor1v1Reps team LAN Party 2013Reps team LAN Party 2013Largo0 : 2Russia  Lancerx$61
2013-10-26BA2ndA8Undefined1v1Hearthstone Newschool CupHearthstone Newschool CupLargo0 : 2Bulgaria  INF3cted 
2013-06-22CA3rdA2Minor1v1LAN Target MoscowLAN Target MoscowLargo0 : 2Russia  Lancerx$91
2013-02-24DA4thA2Minor1v1Defiler Defender TournamentsDefiler Defender TournamentsLargo0 : 1Russia  Werdum 
2012-07-15CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 40Defiler Tournament 40Largo0 : 1Germany  Bakuryu$10
2012-06-24BA2ndA2Minor1v1Defiler Russian TourDefiler Russian TourLargo0 : 3Kazakhstan  Gargoyle$20
2012-05-13CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 38Defiler Tournament 38Largo0 : 1South Korea  orz$10
2012-04-15BA2ndA2Minor1v17x Decennary Tournament7x Decennary TournamentLargo1 : 2Russia  Tama$136
2011-09-11CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 24Defiler Tournament 24Largo0 : 1Italy  Alfio$10
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