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Current State of Play

As the Korean e-Sports Association and Blizzard Entertainment transitioned away from promoting and organizing Starcraft: Brood War professional competitions in 2012, the Korean Brood War scene has changed significantly. As broadcast television channels and their leagues, including the OSL and MSL, discontinued Brood War activities, a vibrant amateur scene, as led by Sonic, developed.

Currently, in 2014, competitive Brood War is played in various amateur tournaments offering cash prizes such as the SonicTV BJ Starleague (SSL) and the SOSPA Ranking Tournament (SRT). Filling some of the void left by the departing OSL and MSL, these events led by Sonic allowed the community to continue cheering for their favorite (now ex-) progamers. Although a number of the most adored Brood War players departed for Starcraft 2, many would soon return to the game we love, joining the new names that emerged.

With the advent of popular video streaming networks such as Afreeca, online broadcasters have also organized tournaments featuring cash prizes, including the Sbenu All-Stars Tournament, LoveTV Starleague, 41 Starleague, and BCTV Starleague. There has also been an attempt at reviving team based leagues with the 1st SOSPA King of the Hill Proleague.

Korean Leagues

StarCraft, as a professional eSport, had many leagues. The two most widely renowned individual leagues were the OnGameNet Starleague (OSL) and the MBCGame StarCraft League (MSL). Proleague was the premier team based competitive league.

Celebrating the First Ten Years of Starleague


The Starleague (or OSL for short) was the most prestigious individual league in Korea. It was organized and broadcasted by OnGameNet. NaDa, July, Jaedong, and Flash have all won this league thrice, earning them a Golden Mouse.

The last Broodwar Starleague occurred in 2012. The tournament switched over to Starcraft II briefly (2 OSLs) before being disbanded by OGN.


The MBCGame StarCraft League (or MSL for short) was the Starleague's younger brother. Although less prestigious, the MSL was still well attended as well as endowed with high-level play. Famous title winners include NaDa (the KPGA Tour) and the Golden Badge holders — NaDa, iloveoov, sAviOr, Bisu and Flash.

The last MSL occurred in 2011. The disbandment of MBCGame channel on February 1, 2012 signaled the end of the MBCGame StarCraft League.

GOMTV Classic

The GOMTV Classic began in 2008 after the success of the GOM Star Invitational. The GOMTV Classic catered to the foreign community by broadcasting the tournament online and contracting English caster Nick “Tasteless” Plott. The GOMTV Classic ran for 3 seasons.


The Proleague is a joint venture between MBC, OGN, KeSPA and IEG. It is a tournament where the Professional StarCraft teams compete, and generally lasts an entire year. KeSPA considers it to be the most important competition.

World Cyber Games

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is the largest international tournament. Many countries from around the world have their own preliminaries where they then send a selected amount of players to the World Finals.

The last Brood War WCG occurred in 2010.

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