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Legacy Cup

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[e][h]Legacy Cup
Series Information
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$ 0

The TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague Legacy Cup Series started in 2015 and will be held weekly for the sole purpose of fostering a more active foreign scene as well as help players prepare and practice for the TLS Championship, which will be held on January 9, 2016.

The Legacy Cup series was announced in July 2015.[1]

List of Legacy Cups[edit]

Legacy Cup Date Winner Score Runner-Up
Legacy Cup 1 July 25, 2015 South Korea Terran Scan 3-2 Poland Zerg trutaCz
Legacy Cup 2 August 1, 2015 South Korea Terran Scan 3-0 Poland Zerg trutaCz
Legacy Cup 3 August 8, 2015 South Korea Terran Scan 3-0 Spain Zerg eOnzErG
Legacy Cup 4 August 15, 2015 South Korea Terran Scan 3-0 Russia Terran spx
Legacy Cup 5 August 22, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Sweden Protoss vOddy
Legacy Cup 6 August 29, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Russia Protoss Djem5
Legacy Cup 7 September 5, 2015 Russia Protoss Djem5 3-1 Spain Zerg eOnzErG
Legacy Cup 8 September 12, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-1 United Kingdom Zerg Sacred
Legacy Cup 9 September 19, 2015 Spain Zerg eOnzErG 3-1 Poland Zerg trutaCz
Legacy Cup 10 September 26, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Russia Protoss Djem5
Legacy Cup 11 October 3, 2015 Canada Protoss dRaW 3-0 Peru Terran Dandy
Legacy Cup 12 October 11, 2015 Croatia Protoss dsaqwe 3-2 Spain Zerg eOnzErG
Legacy Cup 13 October 17, 2015 Canada Protoss dRaW 3-0 Russia Protoss Djem5
Legacy Cup 14 October 24, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-0 Canada Protoss dRaW
Legacy Cup 15 October 31, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-1 Canada Protoss DragOn
Legacy Cup 16 November 7, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-1 Croatia Protoss dsaqwe
Legacy Cup 17 November 14, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Spain Zerg eOnzErG
Legacy Cup 18 November 21, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Poland Terran kogeT
Legacy Cup 19 November 28, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-1 Germany Protoss remag
Legacy Cup 20 December 5, 2015 Poland Zerg trutaCz 3-2 Russia Protoss Djem5


Medals won per Race[edit]

Race 1st 2nd
Protoss 4 9
Terran 4 3
Zerg 12 8

Medals won per Player[edit]


11 x Zerg trutaCz
4 x Terran Scan
Protoss dRaW
Protoss Djem5, Zerg eOnzErG, Protoss dsaqwe


4 x Zerg eOnzErG, Protoss Djem5
Zerg trutaCz
Terran spx, Protoss vOddy, Zerg Sacred, Terran Dandy, Protoss dRaW, Protoss DragOn, Protoss dsaqwe, Terran kogeT, Protoss remag