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ElkY played against Blackman in a Bo11 match. ElkY won 6-3.


The map pool was Lost Temple, Neo Vertigo, Neo Forbidden Zone, Plains to Hill, Gaema Gowon, Neo Bifrost, Neo Forbidden Zone, Lost Temple, Neo Remote Outpost. Loser picked from the pool.


Game 1[edit]

Elky did a 10/10 BBS build on Lost Temple. As Blackman did a 12 Hatch, he quickly lost.

Game 2[edit]

Both players opted for an early expansion build on Neo Vertigo, but Elky's constant harassment with Marine and Medic groups won him the game.

Game 3[edit]

Both players went for non-standard builds on Neo Forbidden Zone. Elky went for a 2 Rax build while Blackman opted for a gas-pool-hatch into slow Lurker drop build. Blackman was able to deal a lot of damage with his initial two Lurkers, but he forgot about his Lurkers when he unburied them, so Elky was able to pick them off easily. Thus Blackman's attempt at harassment failed and he subsequently lost the game.

Game 4[edit]

Blackman started off with a 3 hatch build on Plains to Hill, but when he saw Elky's 2 Rax build, he immediately took Elky's gas to force him to go for a more economic game. Blackman's strategy was soon apparent as he began going mass Hydralurk while taking a third expansion. He also researched speed and drop for his Overlords. Although Elky initially fended off these drops with relative ease, he soon started to take heavier losses from these drops as he was out on the map destroying Blackman's expansions. However, Blackman eventually came out on top through superior macro and Elky was forced to concede.

Game 5[edit]

Blackman again did a 3 hatch build on Gaema Gowon, but he apparently forgot the key map feature of Gaema Gowon, and that's the path going around the natural. Elky took advantage of this path with a quick Academy and moving a group of Marines and Medics around Blackman's Sunkens. However, Blackman is still able to fend this attack off with Zerglings, and all other subsequent attacks despite losing an expansion. However, Blackman is soon able to take his third gas, and soon goes into macro mode, powering Ultralisks and Zerglings and powering over Elky.

Game 6[edit]

Blackman did his traditional 3 Hatch play into Hydralurk again on Neo Bifrost. He took a similar approach to the one in Game 4, where he used mass drops while defending his own expansions. His strong macro soon rolled over Elky.

Game 7[edit]

This time Blackman went Mutalisks on Neo Forbidden Zone, but was pushed back by a quick dual Engineering Bay and 1-1 upgrades from Elky. Blackman was stuck with ineffective Mutalisks and couldn't switch to Lurkers in time to stop Elky's quick push.

Game 8[edit]

Blackman returned to his Hydralurk build on Lost Temple, but he instead went 2 Hatch this time instead, thus ensuring that his economy would not be as strong as his earlier games. Although he was able to reach Lurker and Drop tech faster, he was not able to both drop and defend his expansions at the same time, thus losing him the game.

Game 9[edit]

On New Remote Outpost, Elky stole Blackman's gas and went for a 3 Rax MnM Dropship build. He was able to snipe Blackman's Spire as it was building, thus setting him back immensely. Blackman was never able to fully recover from this setback and tapped out soon after he realized his Lurkers couldn't cover all of his bases.