Liquibition 3

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Liquibition #3 featured Elky vs. Beast, a Terran vs. Terran. The map pool was Lost Temple, Neo Forbidden Zone, Plains to Hill, Neo Bifrost, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. Elky beat Beast 4-0.

Game 1[edit]

On Lost Temple, Elky started at 3 while Beast started at 12. Both players opted for a 2 Factory build, but Beast forgot his 2nd Depot, setting him behind. Elky then harassed Beast with Vultures and Mines. Although Beast was able to fend the harass off with Vultures and Tanks, Elky capitalized on his advantage with Wraiths and Dropships. Beast was forced on the defensive for the entire game while Elky expanded and kept Beast in his base. Elky soon ran over Beast with a superior force.

Game 2[edit]

On Neo Forbidden Zone, Elky started at 1 while Beast started at 10. Again both players opted for a 2 Factory build, but they also opted to get a Starport and an Armory as the map is a semi-island. Both players then expanded, but Elky was able to take control the map quicker than Beast, and was soon the clearly dominant player. Elky soon realized his large advantage, and decided to get Nukes to emphasize his victory.

Game 3[edit]

The next game was on Plains of Hill, with Elky starting at 10 and Beast starting at 4. Both again opted for a 2 Factory build, but Beast decided to make primarily Tanks while Elky decided to make primarily Goliaths. However, Elky decided to switch to 2 Port Wraith, a crucial move considering that Beast had not gotten an Armory yet. Elky was thus able to stop Beast from moving out with his Tanks and killed several mining SCVs before Beast could get Turrets up. However, Beast was able to sneak some SCVs and Tanks out to set up a contain on Elky's natural ledge. Elky had other plans as he used Dropships to take island expansions and other bases while Beast remained stuck in his base. After Beast refused to admit defeat, Elky once again Nuked him.

Game 4[edit]

Elky landed his Command Center at 1 while Beast landed his Command Center at 7 on Neo Bifrost. Elky decided to go for his traditional Barracks float that he has used in many games on this map. He built a proxy Barracks, floated it over where it formed a perfect seal, and built Marines to stop Beast's SCVs from mining. Beast soon admitted defeat.