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Liquibition 4

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Liquibition #4 pitted the three time Liquibition champion player Elky against the one who started the event, the Protoss Rekrul. The map pool was Lost Temple, Blade Storm, Forbidden Zone, Gaema Gowon, Lost Temple, Blade Storm, and Lost Temple. Elky won 7-0 against Rekrul.

Game 1[edit]

Game 1 on Lost Temple began with Elky landing his Command Center at 3 while Rekrul warped in his Nexus at 6. Elky did not wall in and decided to make two Marines instead for defense, while Rekrul went for a 1 Gate Core build. However, he opted to both get a Robotics Facility and Dragoon Range. Meanwhile, Elky was busy getting two Factories with one Machine Shop add-on. He started researching Spider Mines while producing two Marines, a Tank, and a Vulture. Once the Tank and Vulture finished, he moved out with his Marines, Tank, and Vulture while starting a Command Center at his natural. Elky scouted ahead with his Vulture, but finding no Dragoons, he merely planted Mines in front of Rekrul's ramp before turning around with his force and returning home.

During Elky's build-up, Rekrul decided to make a Robotics Support Bay and get a Reaver. Seeing no Nexus being built at the natural, Elky realized Rekrul's tech path and got an Engineering Bay and Turrets long before the Shuttle from Rekrul arrived. Rekrul was unable to do any damage, and Elky's large economical lead allowed him to mass up a large force and roll over Rekrul.

Game 2[edit]

On Blade Storm, Elky started at 5 while Rekrul started at 7. Elky's build mirrored his from the previous game, except he decided to get 2 Marines, Tanks, and Vultures before he built his Command Center. On the other hand, Rekrul decided to forgo Reavers, and go for a 1 Gate Obs build. Rekrul's expansion came online a little later than Elky's. Elky decided to mass up forces, while Rekrul massed up as well. However, Rekrul did not get a third base or go for any tech, which meant that when Elky's push came, Rekrul had nothing to stop it, and any attempt to delay would just delay his inevitable loss. Once Elky got to Rekrul's natural, it was all over.

Game 3[edit]

On Forbidden Zone, Elky landed at 1 while Rekrul set up his camp at 5. Elky decided to get two Factories and a Starport this game, and quickly floating his Factories to the lower ground to prepare to take his natural. However, he also built a Dropship, which he loaded up with 4 Vultures, and sent them to Rekrul's base. Rekrul was meanwhile taking his natural with a Shuttle, but was caught off guard when the Dropship from Elky arrived. With no Shuttle near his base and no ground units in his main, all of Rekrul's Probes died save for one. Rekrul, in a desperate attempt to win, took all of his ground forces in the middle and rolled over Elky's ground forces in the middle, forcing him to float his Factories back up into his main. However, Rekrul's economy was in such poor shape that Elky was able to retake his natural and slowly pushed his way to Rekrul's natural, thus sealing the game.

Game 4[edit]

Game 4 started with Elky taking up position at 1 while Rekrul warps his forces in at 11 on Gaema Gowon. Although Rekrul does the same build as the previous few games, 1 Gate Obs, Elky chooses to go for a 1 Base 3 Factory push. He cautiously pushes forward with his first few Vultures, though Rekrul by now has started his expansion and has Dragoons guarding the front. Elky begins producing more vultures, which he uses to run around Rekrul's Dragoons, killing many Probes in Rekrul's main. While he was harassing, Elky continued to build Tanks and Vultures, and was slowly pushing towards Rekrul's natural. However, Rekrul had built a Shuttle and Zealots, and he was able to beat back Elky's push with judicious Zealot bombs. At this point, both players decided to consolidate their forces and economy. Elky still harassed occasionally with his Vultures, but was waiting for the optimal moment to push out.

Once Elky did push out, Rekrul began maneuvering his forces so that he could attack Elky's forces from a favorable position. Rekrul carefully positioned his forces, waiting for Elky to move his troops to their doom. However, Rekrul was so caught up in his troop positioning that he neglected to protect his main and natural from Vulture harassment. When Elky charged his Vultures into Rekrul's mining bases and destroyed numerous Probes, Rekrul prematurely conceded despite his still superior positioning against Elky's forces.

Game 5[edit]

The next game on Lost Temple started with Elky at 6 and Rekrul at 3. Elky did not wall in, made his standard two Factories, and started his Command Center when he gets his 2nd Tank out. Rekrul stuck with his 1 Gate Obs build as well. Sticking with his previous tactics, Elky decided to go for mass harassment with Vultures. He started a third Factory along with a Starport. Meanwhile, Rekrul was busy building his 2 base economy and his forces to meet Elky's eventual push. However, Elky had other plans. He landed his floating Barracks above Rekrul's natural expansion, and began producing MnM from it while researching Stim from his Academy. Rekrul took a mineral only expansion when Elky sieged his two Tanks above Rekrul's natural expansion and laid waste to it. In desperation, Rekrul charged Elky's natural, and although he was able to destroy a large portion of Elky's forces, he was unable to finish him off and lost many of his units in the progress. Rekrul was soon outmatched in terms of economy, so he surrendered.

Game 6[edit]

Game 6 began as Rekrul warped his forces in at 5 while Elky started at 11. Finally fed up, Rekrul decided to cheese by building a Pylon and two Gateways after that. Elky started to go for the same build he did last game, but was interrupted by a stream of Zealots charging up his ramp. A long fight ensued as Elky tried to stall the Zealots long enough to get his Factory up, which he eventually did. However, Rekrul had other plans in mind besides a Zealot rush. He had gotten a Forge and was building Cannons right near Elky's mineral line. Elky waited until the Cannons were at 90% before rushing them, and although he was only left with 7 SCVs, he took them down while finishing his Factory. Rekrul meanwhile had stopped Probe production in order to support the costs of both Zealots and Cannons, so his economy wasn't that great either. With three Vultures on the map, Elky forced Rekrul's forces back to his base, but was unable to finish Rekrul off as he had effectively blocked off his choke with his two Gateways and two additional Cannons.

The game settled down a bit as both players built up their forces, with Rekrul teching straight to Observers and Elky taking his natural expansion after getting a second Factory. Expecting a Protoss attack, Elky set up a Tank line and Mines, and although Rekrul almost suicided all his forces, he pulled back at the last minute. However, Rekrul was still only on 1 base, and was thus behind on economy. He took his natural while Elky took a mineral only. Minutes pass until Elky is ready to push out, and when he does, Rekrul is ready to confront him. However, Rekrul attempted to attack Elky's forces from a disadvantageous position, so he lost all of his forces while Elky still maintained a sizable force. Rekrul was thus forced to concede the game.

Game 7[edit]