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How-To: FFA Matches in the new Bracket System on the SC wiki

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

FFA is only supported in Brackets and not in Matchlists.

FFA Matches basically work the same way that normal Matches work. This page describes the differences and available additional parameters.

To enabale the FFA Mode for a Match set |ffa=true in the "normal" Match template.

Differences to "normal" Matches[edit]

The biggest difference is that now >2 Opponents are supported.


The Match itself gets the following additional/changed Parameters:

|noscore=|nopoints= (Optional)
Used to specify that the Match doesn't use points/scores and instead only uses placements and has no score display.
(Advancing Opponents are marked with a checkmark in addition to being bolded.)
|firstto= (Optional)
Used to specify with which score an opponent is marked as winner.
This basically replaces the "bestof" parameter from normal matches as in FFA there is no real bestof.


Opponents get the following additional/changed Parameters:

|placement= (Optional)
Used to specify the placement of the Oppontnt in the match. If no placement is specified the placement will be determined automatically if the match is marked as finished ot a winner is determined.
|advance=|advances=|win= (Optional)
Used to specify that the opponent advances to the next round. Visually this will be indicated by bolding the opponent in the bracket (and in case of the "noscore" mode with an additional checkmark).


Maps get the following additional/changed Parameters:

|placementX=|opponentXplacement= (Optional)
Used to specify the placement of Opponent X in this Map/Game.
|pointsX=|scoreX= (Optional)
Used to specify the points/score that Opponent X achieved in this Map/Game.


  • If placements are not set, but points are the placements will get determined via the points.
  • If neither placementX nor pointsX are set the placement is determined by the winner parameter (the winner gets placement 1, all other get placement 99).