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This article leads you through the possibilities of contributing to Liquipedia. This entire wiki depends on your contributions, so make them count!

Read it![edit]

Your first step should just be reading the wiki and enjoy! That's its main purpose and that's your main function: To profit from our work. Hopefully, during reading, you will gain an understanding for what you can contribute. Liquipedia offers you info about Strategy, Maps, Pro Gamers and much more!

Making a Contribution[edit]

Liquipedia is a review based wiki. Unless you are an editor, your changes will have to be approved by a staff member before they are displayed as the stable version of a page. Please be patient; your requests are processed as quickly as possible. Once we see you as a reliable and high quality contributor, you will be granted the right to perform edits on your own, without the need for a review. Now you might want to know, just how you can contribute. Let's start with the least daring step, and proceed to the highest heights.


If you feel insecure about contributing something original and you aren't confident in your ability to correct others then go to the page Suggestions for Content and leave a comment! If your suggestion is a good one, you might see your article written soon!

Fixing and Proofreading[edit]

If you aren't yet comfortable in contributing original content then you can help out by simply proofreading articles and fixing any grammar or spelling mistakes. There is a style guide for specific names and terms, but quite often all that is needed is some basic English skills. Each week we will mark any articles that we feel have room for improvement, so you can start right there, or simply get reading on a random page.

Adding Text[edit]

We really hope that you will want to make your own contributions at some point. The easiest way to do this is to help improve existing articles. Many articles might be lacking details in some areas, could be worded more clearly, or are plainly wrong on a specific point. In short: They are just waiting for your contribution.

When adding content, please make sure you read the relevant discussion page first. It is possible that the change you plan on making is already being discussed. It might be a good idea to give other users a chance to comment on your suggestion.

When adding a new article, be extra careful. We love your contributions, but please ask yourself these questions before proceeding.

  • Is this article really missing - perhaps you checked the wrong name?
  • Is there an article with a similar topic?
  • Could it be handled in a subsection instead of in a separate article?

If the answer to all of these questions is 'No' then go ahead and write it, consulting the Style Guide where appropriate.

We encourage you to make use of the resources available on the Teamliquid Strategy Forum. You do not have to invent the wheel anew. If you have found a ground-breaking article there, just collect the available information and arrange it in a transparent, wikiesque style. Voilà, you contributed!

Adding Media[edit]

This wiki isn't called a media wiki for nothing. If you have illustrative screen shots, exemplary VODs for a certain strategy or you can depict the career of a player in an elegant chart then please add them! Visualization is important and is needed as much as everything else.

Where to Start[edit]

Good places to start are: