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The Liquipedia IRC channel has been sunset and this page only exists for historical purposes. You can find our chat on our Discord server.


Connecting with teamliquid on IRC can be a fun and enlightening experience. It's also a much better way to connect with other teamliquid members, and can be used to play mafia and other forum games. However, don't think that the rules don't apply here: they do. You can still be banned from the IRC channel if you misbehave, just like how you can be banned from and from here for misbehaving.

  • Teamliquid can be found in the channel #teamliquid on
  • Liquipedia resides in #liquipedia on

How To: TL Java-Applet Client[edit]

  • Goto
  • Enter a nickname
  • Click on connect
  • Click approve on the security warning

How To: mIRC[edit]

mIRC is basically the most popular client for using IRC. Tons of script collections exist for it and make it very powerful. The small downside is being shareware.

  1. Download the mIRC client at
  2. On startup, enter necessary information.
  3. Type "/server" (without " ") into the console window, press enter. You will now connect to the server.
  4. Optionally register your nickname:
    1. Type: /msg Q hello [email] [email]
    2. Follow instructions in the email you get to authenticate.
    3. Type /mode [nickname] +x to hide your hostmask after you authed. (will display your host as
  5. Type /j #teamliquid and /j #liquipedia.

How To: Pidgin[edit]

This is what your normal buddy list should look like when you first install it. In this How-to, we're going to cover how to connect to IRC.

File:Pidign screen 1 4-5-2008.png

To get to your accounts, go to the top toolbar that you can see in the above picture, then go "accounts -> manage accounts". Another way to get to your accounts page is to hit ctrl-A (on ubuntu linux) with your buddy list selected.

File:Screenshot 003.png

This is what my pidign setup looks like right now, with teamliquid IRC not enabled. We're going to go ahead and click the "add" button to add an IRC connection.

After you fill out the screen with the above information, you'll get the screen below. If you can't see images, you need to fill out the account information with:

Your User Name: [Pick the same one as your username for easy identification] Server: Local Alias: [whatever you want, only you will see it]

If you want to connect to a different server, you can put in a different name here, such as (firefox irc channel.) Right after you click the "save" button, you should see the below screen:

From here, type /j #teamliquid in the text box. This will connect you to the #teamliquid channel (or, in different terminology, chatroom), and allow you to talk to other teamliquid members.

You might also want to join #liquipedia, to talk to people who are working on liquipedia, or otherwise are around to talk.

Useful IRC commands[edit]

/j [channel] This command allows you to join a certain channel, such as #teamliquid, or #liquipedia.

/op [nickname]

/nick [new nickname]

/msg hello <email> <email> [allows you to register your nickname with Q.] /msg auth name password [allows you to sign in with Q.]

Other ways to talk to or meet Members[edit]

Other than IRC, there are several other services that have "teamliquid" groups.






Channel: op irc US West[edit]

Channel: op tl-west