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Strategy Update: Now With Tabs! (09-11-05)[edit]

The Strategy section has been overhauled! With Liquipedia always looking to expand its horizons we have decided to add two new Strategy sections. The first is the beginnings of a 2v2 Strategy section. With 2v2 being a hard scene to break into we thought it right to give it its own section in hopes that we can breath some life back into the foreign 2v2 community. In order to facilitate that we have also added a Big Game Hunters section which TL's own HNR_Insane has been gracious enough to lend his talents to.

With BGH being such a huge part of SC its only natural that it would eventually find way into Liquipedia. And don't worry. There's no Fastest or Zero Clutter section coming. That would just be weird. Stay posted for new content. Also be sure to tune in for Liquipedia's Q&A 2!