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Liquipedia:Strategy Start Page

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In order to ensure Liquipedia's ease of access all Strategies, Game Theories, and tactics have been placed in a structure that aims to accurately define different gameplay ideas while still remaining flexible. This article will define those categories and then point users in the right direction for their informational needs.

Strategy Sub-Categories[edit]

Matchup Guides[edit]

The match up guides exist to completely define the game flow of an entire match up. The Matchup Guide describes openings that can be grouped together along with mid game transitions and late game theory. The timing article discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the individual play styles and when they are susceptible to counter attacks. There can be more than one match up and timing guide for a racial match up provided that the game flow differs between the two, such as Bionic and Mech TvZ.


The strategy section contains in depth opening builds, mid game transitions and specific late game theory. This section aims to more extensively explore different sections of each racial match up, more so than the match up guides


The technique section explores individual solutions to particular game phases and situations including discussion on Counters to particular builds and micromanagement techniques.

Race Specific Pages[edit]

The following pages contain overviews of each race's match up as well as link out to the Guide and Timing artilces, a good place to start for match up explanations.


Terran Strategies: The Terran strategy main page covers the TvZ, TvP, and TvT match ups with overview guides, discussion on the Terran Push and the Terran Ball, and situation-specific counters as well as micromanagement techniques.


Zerg Strategies: The Zerg strategy main page covers the ZvP, ZvT, and ZvZ match ups with overview guides, discussion on Zerg two and three Hatchery play, and important Zerg micromanagement techniques including the Mutalisk harass and Hold Lurker skills.


Protoss Strategies: The Protoss strategy main page covers the PvZ, PvT, and PvP match ups with overview guides, discussion on Protoss fast expand and tech play, and important match up specific skills including Zealot Bombing and army placement.