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You can use wiki markup to enhance pages, but please don't exaggerate, use it responsibly :)

Using two tick marks will create ''italic'' effect, using three will create '''bold''' effect. You can create unordered list by starting rows with an *.

A very useful feature is using headings to arrange content into logical blocks. Player pages often follow a certain setup.

For example, using this markup

=level 1=  
==level 2==  
===level 3===  
====level 4====  
=====level 5=====  
======level 6======

Will result in these headers when page is viewed by a visitor:

level 1[edit]

level 2[edit]

level 3[edit]

level 4[edit]

level 5[edit]
level. 6[edit]

Each section that is marked by === will have a small edit link which will allow editing the section separately from the rest of the page.

A more extensive guide about formatting is here: Help:Formatting

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