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김규재 (CarlSagan)
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
2 at 2,8
Competition Span:
May 2007 – Mar 2008


Loki was introduced in the 2007 GOMTV MBCGame StarLeague Season 3. An updated version of the map, Loki II, was used in the 2007 GOMTV MBCGame StarLeague Season 3, the 2008 MBCGame Season 1 Survivor Tournament, and the 2008 GOMTV MBCGame Starleague Season 4. Loki II was also part of Liquibition #29: Nony vs F91.

It is a two player map characterized by presence of a gas Natural Expansion behind each main base, in addition to the standard forward Natural. The existence of what is essentially free three base play means this map was very prone to macro play and, thus, long matches. Besides the occasional cheese, it was not uncommon to see games lasting thirty minutes or longer.

Bisu went a combined 8-2 on both versions of this map, dropping a game only to Oversky on Loki, then again to Mind on Loki II during Mind's famous upset in the 2007 GOMTV MBCGame StarLeague Season 3.

Balance Changes[edit]

The original Loki had no corner expansions, as well as a Mineral Only blocking the high ground paths around the side of the map. The natural expansion was very exposed in the original, but became more sheltered in the second version.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Center Choke - Allows only small units (such as Workers, Zealots, or Zerglings) to pass. Larger units (such as Siege Tanks or Ultralisks) cannot fit through.
  • Backyard Natural Expansion - Basically a free base behind the main. It meant that three-base play was all but assured for both players.
  • Abundant Gas Expansions - There are a total of six geysers on each side of the map. Gas intensive late game play was common here.

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