Lost Temple

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[e][h]Lost Temple
Map Information
Blizzard Entertainment
Jungle World
Spawn Positions:
4 at 12,2,6,8
Competition Span:
1999 – Dec 2004


Lost Temple is arguably the most famous map in StarCraft. The map was included in Blizzard's original map pack, but has since had many third party revisions to it. Lost Temple is still very popular on Battle.net, but it began to fall out of popularity when maps like Luna and more recently the map Python supersede it.

Notable features[edit]

  • Cliff based - As a result you'll see a lot of Dropship play and turtling style. Using Photon cannons, floating factories, and 1 base lurker drops are also possible on this map.
  • 12/3 positions - Probably the most infamous feature of the map as it allows a Terran to siege the choke of 12 o'clock while in his or her own base. Also these two positions are extremely close, leading to many imbalanced games.
  • Floatable Islands - There is no mineral block at the island expansion, meaning Terran players can float a Command Centre to those positions and expand there faster than Protoss or Zerg.

The original Lost Temple map had the following positional imbalances:

  • On 6 o'clock, it is impossible to build a wall-in with Barrack and 2 Supply Depots.
  • The 6 o'clock position had a distinctly inefficient mineral structure, leading to less minerals mined per unit time.
  • Terran players were able to land a tank on a small piece of land on the bottom left side of the 6 o'clock base that made it safe from melee attacks.
  • On 12 o'clock, it is possible to place tank on the natural cliff and be able to hit the vespene geyser at the 3 o'clock position.
  • On 12 o'clock, due to the bad mineral formation of the natural expansion, Terran players expanding there do not have enough space to attach an add-on to their Command Center.
  • On 12 o'clock, the base entrance is too far from natural, making FE harder (Zergs must make 3hatch in order to FE).
  • The 9 o'clock position's natural expansion and mineral only expansion were both vulnerable from the same cliff.

Terran wall-ins[edit]

Map version images[edit]

Notable games[edit]

Lost Temple South Korea  Boxer 2001-2002 KPGA Winners Championship
South Korea  H.O.T-Forever
Date: 2002-01-10
Patch: 1.08
Lost Temple South Korea  Boxer Pimpest Plays #14 2002, Boxer uses floating Barracks on close positions
South Korea  War3
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  study83 Pimpest Plays #11 2002 - offensive Drone Drill used for the first time
South Korea  rage82
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  BoxeR Pimpest Plays #13 2002 - Warm-up game before WCG 2001; Optical Flares vs late game Carriers and Observers
Bulgaria  DIDI8
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  BoxeR Pimpest Plays #5 2002 - Nuke Rush
South Korea  Terr@n-(Nes)
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  Chusung Pimpest Plays #3 2002 - 45 Minute TvZ decided by creative usage of Dark Swarm
South Korea  SiR@SoNi
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  BoxeR Pimpest Plays #2 2002 Terran Mirror ending in a large Battle Cruisers vs. Ghost battle
South Korea  Chusung
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  KIROFF Pimpest Plays #1 2002 - Base Trade
South Korea  Tapoto_kopele
Date: 2002
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  BoxeR Winner Bracket finals of WCG 2002 - BoxeR displaying great micro
Poland  Blackman
Date: 2002-11-03
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple South Korea  NaDa Honorable Mention Pimpest Plays 2003
South Korea  iSt-
Date: 2003
Patch: 1.08 VOD
Lost Temple Norway  Eriador Place 4 Pimpest Plays 2003 - Invention of the Pylon Prison
World  sexygirl
Date: 2003
Patch: 1.08 VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Lost Temple459118675156.8%104634160.6%88394944.3%398327