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LoveTT: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 20W : 20L (50%) in series, 36W : 34L (51.43%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2009-12-1110:00 UTCA1MajorG-League 2009 Season 2G-League 2009 Season 20:2China Zerg Fengzi
2009-12-1011:00 UTCA1MajorG-League 2009 Season 2G-League 2009 Season 22:1China Terran Super
2009-12-0808:00 UTCA1MajorG-League 2009 Season 2G-League 2009 Season 21:2China Zerg F91
2009-08-2911:30 UTCA1MajorPLU 6PLU 60:1China Zerg F91
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20090:1China Zerg JeDi
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20090:1China Zerg F91
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20092:0China Terran RushGoon
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20092:0China Protoss JayStar
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20091:2China Terran Super
2009-08-21A1MajorWCG China 2009WCG China 20092:0China Zerg wyw
2009-06-20A1MajorIEF 2009:ChinaIEF 2009:China1:0China Terran BlueRain
2009-06-20A1MajorIEF 2009:ChinaIEF 2009:China0:1China Zerg LBH
2009-06-20A1MajorIEF 2009:ChinaIEF 2009:China0:1China Terran Super
2009-05-30A2MinorIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiW:China Zerg HSJ 贺似君
2009-05-30A2MinorIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiW: Unknown 周锋阳
2009-05-30A2MinorIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiIEF 2009:China - ShanghaiW: Unknown 谢喆俊
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WChina Terran RushGoon
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:China Terran LeiChe
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:Taiwan Zerg SEn
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:China Protoss JayStar
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WChina Protoss Pj
2008-11-0816:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20080:2Ukraine Terran Strelok
2008-11-0815:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20081:2South Korea Protoss stork
2008-11-0813:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20082:1United States Protoss NonY
2008-11-0811:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20082:0Germany Zerg Mondragon
2008-11-0715:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20081:0Costa Rica Protoss GKToss
2008-11-0714:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20081:0Russia Protoss Pomi
2008-11-0713:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20080:1South Korea Zerg Luxury
2008-11-0711:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20081:0Malaysia Terran JohnRambo
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Protoss Legend
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Protoss Legend
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Zerg Beckham
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Terran Kurafi
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20080:1China Protoss LeiChe
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Protoss Money
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Zerg Dp_R
2008-07-25A1MajorWCG China 2008WCG China 20081:0China Protoss Lx
2007-08-2609:00 UTCA2MinorWGT 2007:ShanghaiWGT 2007:Shanghai:WChina Terran RushGoon
2007-05-29A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)0:2China Terran Super
2007-05-29A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2China Protoss Legend
2007-05-29A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2Canada Random Testie
2007-05-27A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007):Poland Protoss Draco
2007-05-27A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:1China Zerg F91
2007-05-27A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2China Protoss Legend
2007-05-27A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)2:0China Terran Phoenix66
2007-05-26A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2South Korea Zerg Bong
2007-05-26A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:2South Korea Terran
2007-05-23A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)0:1China Protoss Legend
2007-05-23A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)1:0Canada Protoss Testie
2007-05-22A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)0:1South Korea Terran 1st