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LoveTV Starleague/2/Elimination Bracket

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Elimination Bracket[edit]


The elimination stage appeared to indicate Zerg dominance, with Zerg players taking all three top places, but bracket positioning likely also played a significant role in the final standings. Notably, all three Zerg players, Killer, Modesty, and hero, advanced while each playing his strongest match-ups. Killer (career 54% ZvZ win rate[1]) played three Zerg players on his way to victory, Modesty (career 56% ZvT win rate[2]) played two Terran players to advance to the finals, and hero (career 53% ZvP win rate[3]) advanced to the semifinals over a Protoss opponent.

Killer was dominant in his advancement through the bracket, losing only twice on his way to a 10-2 record and 14-3 overall for the tournament, switching seamlessly between Zergling- and/or Mutalisk-based ZvZ builds on the route to victory.