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[e][h]Protoss Lx
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Luo Xian
September 7, 1984 (1984-09-07) (age 36)
Alternate IDs:
Legend, Tiger
Total Earnings:
2005-09-05 — 2007-01-??

Luo "Lx" Xian is a Chinese StarCraft progamer. He currently plays Protoss for the Chinese team FRDS.


Lx travelled to Korea with Pj to play for SK Telecom T1 in 2005. Lx was a relative unknown at the time outside of China, and was invited after performing well against several top progamers. Lx played in one televised Proleague match, losing to HoOny. Failing to qualify for a standard league, he returned home to join a Chinese proteam after two years in Korea. Lx found greater success in Chinese and foreigner tournaments such as WCG, CKCG, IEF, taking games off BoxeR, Kingdom and iloveoov; in the PGL he reached 1st and 2nd in two seasons.


  • Defeated BoxeR during CKCG 2005.
  • Defeated Bisu in IEF 2007.
  • Notorious for his game vs Stork in WCG 2008 in which both him and Stork intended to lose on purpose to avoid being 1st place in group stages (who has to face Jaedong in the Round of 16). Despite facing Stork's well-intended double expansion, Lx managed to successfully suicide all of his Dragoons to Stork's army and surrendered, thus getting 2nd place.
  • All-Killed the STX Team (Tossgirl, July and Bogus) in the Losers Bracket of STX Invitational 2010 before losing to Trap 2-3 in the finals.
  • One of the best players in the STL, boasting a 100-11 (90.1%) record as of July 2012.


  • During a Chinese interview after departing from SK Telecom T1, Lx said the inability to participate in intricate strategic discussions and mentoring due to language barriers was his greatest problem during his progaming life in Korea. Lx said his skilled improved drastically when he began training in the pro house and used to beat Fantasy and BeSt at a regular basis. However after a while he felt a stagnation of his progress and skill while Fantasy continued to improve due to mentoring. Lx mentioned that his skill would've progressed a lot further and would most likely stay in Korea if he had learned the Korean language.


2010-10-03EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1WCG 2010WCG 2010Lx0 : 2South Korea  Flash 
2010-07-24BA2ndA1Major1v1WCG China 2010WCG China 2010Lx1 : 2China  F91 
2009-01-10BA2ndA1Major1v1PGL Season 4PGL Season 4Lx1 : 3South Korea  Orion$5,850
2008-11-09EC5 - 8thA0Premier1v1WCG 2008WCG 2008Lx1 : 2Ukraine  Strelok 
2008-07-27BA2ndA1Major1v1WCG China 2008WCG China 2008LxChina  LoveTT 
2008-06-14CA3 - 4thA1Major1v1PGL Season 3PGL Season 3Lx1 : 3South Korea  Tazza$2,307
2007-09-23AA1stA1Major1v1PGL Season 2PGL Season 2Lx3 : 0South Korea  Devil$5,300
2007-08-11DA4thA1Major1v12007 IEF2007 IEFLx1 : 2South Korea  iloveoov$2,000
2006-10-22DA4thA0Premier1v1WCG 2006WCG 2006Lx0 : 2South Korea  Midas 
2006-08-06AA1stA1Major1v1WCG China 2006WCG China 2006LxChina  JayStar 
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2010-07-24 A22nd STX Masters Shanghai 0 : 1  unknown N/A
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