Machine Shop

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[e][h]Terran Machine Shop
Building Information
50 50 25
750 1
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:

The Machine Shop is a Terran add-on for the Factory. It allows the production of Siege Tanks from the Factory and Tier Two Tech upgrades.

Only Factories that have an attached Machine Shop can build Tanks, but those without the Machine Shop are still able to produce Vultures and Goliaths. As such, in many Terran strategies involving mechanical unit armies, multiple Factories may be built, but the Terran player will only opt for the Machine Shop on a subset of them. This decision of whether a Factory will include this add-on is frequently made in the early game as the Terran constructs its Sim-City and to fit the maximum number of Factories in its main base.


Siege Tech
 150      150      50 (fastest)
Every Tank gains the Siege Mode ability.
Spider Mines
 100      100      50 (fastest)
Every Vulture gains the Spider Mine ability.
Ion Thrusters
 100      100      63 (fastest)
Increases Vulture speed.
Charon Boosters
 100      100      84 (fastest)
Increases every Goliath's air attack range by three and changes the missile graphics.

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