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[e][h]Terran MadiNho
Player Information
Geir-Helge Løvold
April 14, 1989 (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
BetterThanYou, deadzealot, MAD[AoV], Terrantula, TurretSyndrome, MAdiNho
Duke of Nuke, Viking Terran
Approx. Total Winnings:
2016-10-04 — 2018-10-04
2011-01-12 — 2013-04-04
2018-06-01 — 2020-11-01
2020-12-01 — Present

Geir-Helge "MadiNho" Løvold is a Norwegian Terran player currently playing for iRk. He was able to achieve top#10 at iCCup Ladder, S-rank in SC:Remastered ladder.


MadiNho is one of the strongest Norwegian players, though he casually plays in tournaments and team leagues. He had many smurf accounts on iCCup and actively plays ladder games, often reaching the top of ladder standings among foreigners.


  • His main race is Terran, but his offraces are also strong
  • Strong 2vs2 player
  • Rejoined team AoV in October 2013 to play in SBWI Teamleague
  • Played for Clan Revolution from June 2018 to November 2020.
  • Current team = iRk
  • Olympic 2x2 user (iCCup ranking, 16311 points)
  • A rank 1x1 (iCCup ranking, 10650 points)
  • Remastered 2411 MMR highest


2023-12-021stMinorBombastic StarLeague 17: GosuLeagueBombastic StarLeague 17: GosuLeague
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
4 : 2$125
2023-02-041stMinorBombastic StarLeague 16: GosuLeagueBombastic StarLeague 16: GosuLeague
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
4 : 3$125
2022-03-271stMinorBWCL Season 55BWCL Season 55
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
3 : 2
Crazy Warriors TeamCrazy Warriors Team
2021-07-091stShowm. (Min.)theleo_ua Showmatch 8theleo_ua Showmatch 8
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
6 : 3$60
2021-06-2713th - 16thPremierRCG 2021RCG 2021
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
0-2Grp S.-
2021-06-062ndQual. (Maj.)RCG 2021 European QualificationRCG 2021 European Qualification
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
2 : 0-
2021-02-281stMinorBWCL Season 52BWCL Season 52
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
3 : 2
SouL GamingSouL Gaming
2020-05-165th - 8thMajorBombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 9
Clan RevolutionClan Revolution
2 : 3$50
2019-10-1313th - 18thPremierRCG 2019: Corrupted CupRCG 2019: Corrupted Cup
Clan RevolutionClan Revolution
1-2Grp S.-
2012-01-152ndMinorRibbon Original
L : -$25
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