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[e][h]Zerg MaeJang
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Am Mae Jang
Alternate IDs:

Am "MaeJang" Mae Jang is a StarCraft amateur from South Korea who plays Zerg.


Little is known about MaeJang other than that he seems to have quite bad manners and a controversial play style. He participated in the 6th SSL and was eliminated in the group stage after 3 wins and 8 losses. He has been a practice partner to many progamers and is mostly known for showing great games in certain released replays vs progamers. His style is very unique and relies on abusive strategies, often in combination with taunting chatting. He seems to love to play mind games with his opponents, and also has many unothodox strategies to further cause confusion or psychological damage. During some parts of his career he played TvZ instead of ZvZ.

Play Style and Innovations[edit]

MaeJang's style is often based on lurkers in one way or another. He is a master of lurker harrass with slow drops based on a two hatch lurker opening. He does this opening frequently vs both Terran and Protoss. MaeJang almost always opens with 9 pool extractor trick, to deny scouting. His playstyle also oftentimes includes proxy hatcheries in the opponenents' main bases, not seldom within the players vision to cause psychological damage while adding some bad mannered chatting to the mix. What makes MaeJang so different from other players is how his strategies always seem to have a midgame plan to transition into. As an example, when MaeJang opens with two hatch lurker he takes a quick third base behind it and makes as many drones as he can.

In ZvT MaeJang likes to go for the old fashioned army composition of Hydra Lurker Queen and later adding Defilers, instead of the more modern Lurker Ling into Ultra Ling Defiler. His Queens are used to Ensnare the MnM of the opponent, making Hydra Lurker a cost effective option. From a ladder game vs HiyA he used Ensnare to stop HiyA's three port Wraith build on Fighting Spirit both slowing them down and uncloaking them. His Queen usage in the late game includes Spawn Broodlings on tanks.

MaeJang's play style also relies on contains. In any match-up, as soon as he has the possibility to, he will set up contains. He usually makes strong contains with one to three proxy hatcheries combined with Lurker, Spore Colonies, Hydras, Sunken Colonies and Defilers. These contains can oftentimes look ridiculous and could be mistaken for one of his ways to taunt his opponent, however MaeJang always makes sure to drone heavily while managing the contain, proving they are in fact not there to taunt primarily.

In MaeJang's TvZ he plays with the same mentality, oftentimes with proxies and cheese builds.


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  • MaeJang plays both ZvZ and TvZ on the Korean ladder, and has both beaten and been beaten by Sziky in ZvZ.