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Map Information
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
4 at 1,3,7,9
Competition Span:
Leagues Featured:


Magrathea is a four player map created by Freakling. It combines the basic axially symmetric layout of Python with the Installation-gated corner island base mechanic of Fortress and a unique middle design. So far it has been used by various foreign leagues as both a 1v1 and 2v2 map.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Close-by-air main bases: Like on Python there is a 1/3 chance for players to spawn in bases that are very close to each other by air, giving rise to strong air unit and drop plays.
  • Semi-islands in the corners: In each corner of the map is a Fortress-like base that workers can reach on the ground by drilling through the neutral Installation gates separating them from the middle. Mineral patches in these bases only yield 1000 minerals each.
  • Close thirds: Each players has a close-by third base with a wide ramp. These bases are the easiest to take and defend, but also only offer 6 mineral patches and 3000 gas to the player.
  • Middle divide: The top right and bottom left halves of the map are divided by a characteristic middle line, consisting of two wide bridges around the centre, three high ground pods, which can be used as vantage points for spotting Overlords or attacking air units, such as Mutalisks or Carriers, and two low ground passages connecting to the mineral-only semi-island bases on the outskirts that can only be crossed by going down and up tight ramps, giving huge defender's advantage to players defending the area in front of their close third bases.

Random facts[edit]

Version Changes[edit]

  • 0.89 → 0.91:
    • Changed high ground expansions around NE/SW corners to half-gas expansions (6×1536m + 3000g)
    • removed geysers from NE/SW islands
    • Some terrain edits around NE/SW corners to ensure there are no tank angles from the low ground on the high ground expansions
    • Pathfinding/resource gathering debugged
  • 0.91 → 0.92:
    • High-level pathfinding remodelling
    • All main minerals now point flush against the map edges to make them safer from harassment
  • 0.92 → 1.00:
    • Decoration finsihed

Map version images[edit]