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Custom-made Maps are the bread and butter of competitive StarCraft. Without frequent exchange of maps to accommodate for trends and shifts in the way that the game is played, the incredibly dynamic evolution of StarCraft progaming arguably could not have happened.

Most played Maps[edit]

Lost Temple[edit]

Despite several balance issues, Lost Temple is arguably the most famous map in StarCraft. The map was included in Blizzard's original map pack, but has since had many third party revisions to it. Lost Temple is still very popular on, but as of recently the map Python is superseding it. TLPD has 1952 official games recorded on the various versions of Lost Temple.


Luna is frequently named as the paradigm of modern macro oriented maps. As 'Celestial Terrain' states:
The lack of inspiration available on this map refocused the gamer on the basics, on the mechanics, of the need to precisely dictate his fast-expansion build order to perfection. It is the founding father of the macro game, and the one which did not forgive the lazy macro-er who danced his marines at the expense of glowing barracks.[1]

TLPD has 1046 official games recorded on Luna and on Luna the Final.


Python is considered the offspring of Lost Temple, significantly improved balance-wise although it still favors Terran to some extent. It was first introduced in the Korean progaming scene in April of 2007 as part of the Shinhan Bank Proleague map pool and was later used in a total of 14 professional tournaments in Korea, including the Daum OSL and GOMTV MSL.

Indicative of the map's success are the 1013 official games that have been played on it. Python's popularity is even more apparent when looking at its use in the amateur scene; ever since its appearance, it has been one of the most commonly played maps on, privates servers and various tournaments.


Since its introduction in the ClubDay MSL, Destination has become one of the most consistently played maps in both the pro circuit, with 1187 games total, as well as the amateur scene, with 740,625 games played on ICCup.

Fighting Spirit[edit]

Fighting Spirit first appeared in professional leagues in the 2009 EVER OSL, and continued to be one of the most common maps throughout 2010, with 1048 games played. Despite being phased out of professional play, it has remained very popular on private servers, alongside Python. Fighting Spirit is one of the most statistically balanced maps in history.

Complete List of Maps (old and recent)[edit]

Map Making[edit]

Further Reading[edit]

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