Match Fixing Scandal

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The Match Fixing Scandal was an incident in which Korean pro players illegally fixed and bet on professional StarCraft matches. The players were approached by online betting websites and agreed to throw games for financial gain, either from the money the websites paid them, or by betting against themselves. These activities are strictly illegal under Korean law. The 11 players involved were banned from professional gaming, and some of them face criminal charges and the possibility of jail time. 5 years later, a similar incident was discovered in StarCraft II.


Waxangel made a post on TeamLiquid[1] about rumours of match-fixing in Korea and some people were involved in finding out more information. This led to a blog post from TL user Rekrul about the match-fixing[2] on April 10th, 2010 spawned the idea that some progamers had been fixing matches for personal gain. Rekrul began to talk to contacts in South Korea, allegedly paying some of them to talk. Shortly afterwards, Rekrul made a video where he talked about the situation and posted it on YouTube.[3]


On May 16th, 2010, the match-fixing scandal was confirmed as true by Korean news sites.[4] Before long, the news was being reported world-wide on international websites such as the BBC.[5]


The general initial reaction of the community was one of deep disappointment and even anger towards the offending progamers. The overall feeling among most of the community was a deep sense of betrayal. Many people closely affiliated with the e-sports scene such as the OGN commentators and Artosis worried that this scandal would ruin the reputation of e-sports and limit its growth.

Some people, especially Kim Carrier, have felt that an extremely harsh punishment must be exacted on the offenders, though the debate was ongoing as to whether a harsh punishment is necessary. Ultimately, players were fined, put on probation and into programs depending on the severity of their involvement.

Players implicated[edit]

As of the June 9th 2010, these 11 players were permanently banned from progaming by KeSPA. [6][7]

Games fixed[edit]

  • The persecutor's blogpost contains a screenshot that is taken from Terran Hwasin vs. Zerg Luxury on New Tornado , referring to it as "A scene from a match that was fixed".[8] This evidence was later confirmed-[9]
  • The accused progamer "Park" admitted match fixing in:
    • Ultimate PL game between Zerg Luxury and Terran Light on 20th Sept 2009.[9]
    • One or more of Zerg Luxury's games in MST 19 on 25th February 2010.[9]


In October 2010, aside from being banned the players received the following fines and penalties:

  • Terran go.go - 11 million won
  • Terran Hwasin - 11 million won
  • Zerg Luxury - 12.5 million won
  • Zerg type-b - 11.5 million won
  • Terran Upmagic - 6.5 million won
  • Terran Justin - 3 million won, 120 hours community service, 40 hour gambling treatment program, 3 year probation (on an 18 month sentence).
  • Zerg YellOw(ArnC) - 2 million won [10]
  • Zerg sAviOr - 120 hours community service, 2 year probation (on a 12 month sentence). [11]
  • Terran By.1st - 40 hour gambling treatment program, 1 year probation (on a 6 month sentence).
  • Zerg ShinHwA - 40 hour gambling treatment program, 1 year probation (on a 6 month sentence).

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