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MegaBot has been created by Anderson Rocha Tavares from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is a proof-of-concept of algorithm selection in StarCraft. At match beginning, MegaBot basically selects an algorithm to play a match in its behalf. So far, it can select among 2015 versions of Skynet, Xelnaga and NUSBot. MegaBot plays with Protoss.

MegaBot is a spin-off of an academic work [1].

MegaBot is currently (2017) under development by Tiago Negrisoli de Oliveira and Anderson Rocha Tavares.


  • In CIG 2017, MegaBot had the highest win rate in the final rounds (it went 6th overall because of lower win rate in initial rounds) [2]
  • In AIIDE 2017, MegaBot placed 19th with 413 crashes (an all-time record). [3].


A Q-learning-like mechanism updates the algorithm's scores and an epsilon-greedy mechanism performs the selection.


In Tournaments
Date Place Event Winner Category
2016-08-15 A57th CIG2016 Terran tscmoo Student
2016-10-10 A59th AIIDE2016 Terran Iron Student
2017-08-22 A56th CIG2017 Terran ICEBot Student
2017-10-09 B719th AIIDE2017 Zerg ZZZKBot Student