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MiLa: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 6W : 5L (54.55%) in series, 27W : 24L (52.94%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2024-05-1810:00 UTCA2MinorNPSL S2 Offline ShowmathNPSL S2 Offline Showmath1:0China Terran WoNiuWatch VOD
2024-05-0411:00 UTCA1MajorCSL Season 12: Qualifier 2CSL Season 12: Qualifier 20:2China Terran XuanXuan
2024-04-26A1MajorCSL Season 12: Qualifier 1CSL Season 12: Qualifier 10:2China Protoss NaiDa
2023-11-1010:00 UTCA2MinorPeak Challenge231110:WoNiu vs MiLa #5Peak Challenge231110:WoNiu vs MiLa #54:2China Terran WoNiu
2023-11-0508:00 UTCA2MinorPeak Challenge231105:WoNiu vs MiLa #4Peak Challenge231105:WoNiu vs MiLa #44:3China Terran WoNiu
2023-10-2408:00 UTCA2MinorPeak Challenge231024:WoNiu vs MiLa #3Peak Challenge231024:WoNiu vs MiLa #34:1China Terran WoNiu
2023-10-1808:00 UTCA2MinorPeak Challenge231018:WoNiu vs MiLa #2Peak Challenge231018:WoNiu vs MiLa #23:2China Terran WoNiu
2023-10-1708:00 UTCA2MinorPeak Challenge231017:WoNiu vs MiLa #1Peak Challenge231017:WoNiu vs MiLa #12:3China Terran WoNiu
2023-04-0511:30 UTCA2MinorKOR-CHN Ladies Invitational League 2: Kahiri vs MiLaKOR-CHN Ladies Invitational League 2: Kahiri vs MiLa6:3South Korea Zerg 카히리 KahiriWatch VOD
2023-03-1106:00 UTCA1Major2023 Wuhan Offline CUP2023 Wuhan Offline CUP1:3China Terran SCKKK
2023-03-10A2Minor2023 Wuhan Offline CUP:Qualifier2023 Wuhan Offline CUP:QualifierW: Unknown 4BA
2022-11-0712:00 UTCA2MinorFocus Battle 59: Queens BattleFocus Battle 59: Queens Battle2:3China Terran JiaoJiao