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[e][h]Terran Mihu
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Hu ChunXu
1989 (age 32-33)
Alternate IDs:
[Y.H]ymmihu, memedada
迷糊大帝(The Great), 迷糊, 大帝
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
2018-19:Beatles CupBeatles CupCrowdfunding_League_Season_1Crowdfunding_League_Season_1Crowdfunding_League_Season_2Crowdfunding_League_Season_2Crowdfunding_League_Season_3Crowdfunding_League_Season_3

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2021-01-?? — Present

Hu "Mihu|迷糊" Chunxu is a Terran player from China.


Mihu's Chinese nickname is 迷糊大帝-Mihu the Great. He is widely considered to be the best StarCraft player in China and the top Terran player outside Korea since 2017. He has a lot of fans such as迷糊粉丝群-Mihu Fan Bases,supporting him to win more.
After 2016, Mihu became the player with the highest win rate in Starcraft events,since he became a full-time Starcraft player in 2019, he has won most Starcraft events in China.
Mihu's total win rate in CSTL (China Starcraft Team League) is 90.91% (110 wins / 11 losses,January 2022) ,He once hits 2700+ and third place in StarCraft Remastered Ladder of Korean server On April 14, 2021.


Mihu competed in BSL13 in 2021, beating Sziky and Dewalt with a total score of 7:1 to win the championship.
In 2022, Mihu participated in BSL14 as the defending champion. He defeated Sziky in the semifinal by 4:2 and Dewalt again in an intense final with a score of 4:3.
For BSL season 15, Mihu lost in the Asia championship in the first round (Bo3) of the winner's bracket in round 1 to Dugu 0-2. He then lost to Zhanhun 0-2 in the loser's bracket in round 3 (Bo3). Therefore, Mihu was eliminated and did not qualify for the main BSL tournament.
Mihu is considered to be the strongest non-Korean player since his first appearance in the foreign BW scene in 2021.


On July 23, 2022,Mihu took part in the ASL14 qualifiers and beat Stork 2-1 on the first day to reach the final four of Group 3. This was the highest ranking achieved by a non-Korean player in the ASL14, which attracted the attention of Koreans.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 500 345 155 69 %
vs T 107 80 27 74.8 %
vs Z 394 283 111 71.8 %
All 1047 738 309 70.5 %


In A0Premier Tournaments
2022-01-161stA0PremierSpring Cup 3 Chinese Qualifier4 : 2$2,366.72
2021-01-191stA0PremierSpring Cup 2 Chinese Qualifier5 : 1$2,315.17
2019-09-282ndA0PremierStarcraft Master Shanghai QualifierY.HY.H3 : 4$700.67
In A1Major Tournaments
2022-09-17AwardA1MajorCSL season 6 Summer Cup: Viewers' DonationY.HY.H– : –$428.77
2022-09-17AwardA1MajorCSL season 6 Summer Cup: Michael's DonationY.HY.H– : –$1,429.23
2022-09-16AwardA1MajorCSL season 6 Summer Cup: Michael's DonationY.HY.H– : –$476.36
2022-06-27AwardA1MajorHoneyCai Friendlies Season 4: 10:0 additional sponsorship– : –$253.80
2022-06-05AwardA1MajorCSL season 5 Late Spring Cup: Mihu Fans' DonationY.HY.H– : –$597.85
2022-06-051stA1MajorCSL season 5 Late Spring CupY.HY.H4 : 1$1,943.01
2022-04-11AwardA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 14: Mihu Fans' DonationY.HY.H– : –$627.21
2022-04-101stA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 14Y.HY.H4 : 3$2,000
2022-03-21AwardA1MajorGAN Race Survival Season 3: AK additional sponsorship– : –$2,200.65
2021-12-191stA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 13Y.HY.H4 : 1$2,100
2021-11-161stA1MajorChina StarCraft Anchor Qualifying Season 2Y.HY.H3 : 1$1,929.60
2021-08-301stA1MajorChina StarCraft Anchor Qualifying Season 1Y.HY.H5 : 4$1,974.66
2021-05-301stA1Major2021 Changsha Offline CUPY.HY.H3 : 0$1,256.20
2021-04-18AwardA1MajorPlanet Master: Winning StreakY.HY.H– : –$137.40
2019-08-031stA1Major2019 Changzhou InvitationalY.HY.H4 : 1$1,451.38
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]

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Interview video[edit]

  • Exclusive Interview with Mihu by ZZZero , December 19, 2021