Mine Defusing without Observers

[e][h]Mine Defusing without Observers
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Early/mid-game Strategy


Clearing Spider Mines without an Observer allows the Protoss player to be aggressive before Observers are produced or in place. Defusing Mines without Observers is risky, and should used only when the benefits outweigh the risk. Generally, groups of Dragoons are used for defusal, but units like weapons-upgraded Zealots and Dark Templar can also defuse Mines.


There several units that can be used to defuse Mines. Each unit requires different micro tactics.


The process for defusing Mines is as follows:

  1. Click Forward to activate the Mine.
  2. Click Back.
  3. Hold position (press H) at about half the distance that you went forward (doesn't have to be where you clicked.)

Alternative Method:

  1. Click Forward to activate the Mine.
  2. Click Back.
  3. Press A and click away from the Mine. (Attack-Move backwards.)


Zealots with a +2 Weapons Upgrade can kill a Spider Mine in one hit. If the Zealots do not have this upgrade, it is very risky to attempt Mine defusal as it will only be possible with multiple attackers attacking at once. If the player has not reached this upgrade, Mine Dragging is a better option in most cases so that one Zealot will absorb as many Mines as possible.

Dark Templar[edit]

The Dark Templar possesses a 40 damage attack which can kill a Spider Mine in one hit. Ideally, if the Terran tries to defend by planting Mines, the Protoss player can snipe the Mines before they burrow. Careful micro allows Dark Templars to kill Mines that have already been laid, even if there is no Observer to support the Dark Templar.

Method (Not Burrowed)[edit]

The Dark Templar will automatically target the Vulture as opposed to the Spider Mine, so you must perform basic micro.

  • Move the Dark Templar to where the Vulture is planting the Spider Mine.
  • Right-click or Attack-Move click directly on the mine. It will take some time for the Spider Mine to burrow, then unburrow and attack. The goal is to kill the mine as quickly as possible.
  • If the Vulture is not right next to the Dark Templar, but the Spider Mine is, Hold Position can also be used.
  • As soon as the Spider Mine is killed, the Dark Templar should immediately attempt to defuse any other Mines being planted.

Method (Already Burrowed)[edit]

If the Mine is already burrowed, defusing the Spider Mine becomes much more difficult. Although the Dark Templar can kill a Mine in one hit, there is a very small window in between the Mine unburrowing (and being attackable) and the Mine attacking. Therefore this should generally not be attempted when latency is a factor.

  • Tell the Dark Templar to move forward.
  • Use Hold-Position when close to, but not touching the Mine. It is important that you are not directly next to the mine, or else it will explode instantly. Spider Mines have a short delay before they move in for the kill.
  • If timed properly, the Dark Templar will kill the Mine before it attacks.

Notable Games[edit]

Fantasy vs Stork set 2 of InCruit OSL Finals

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