Missile Turret

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[e][h]Terran Missile Turret
Building Information
75 Vespene Gas 0 19 0
200 0
Air Damage:
20 Explosive Damage
B  T

The Missile Turret (or Turret for short) is a Terran defensive building, which once constructed will attack flying units and buildings. It cannot be lifted off. It is also one of the modes of detection for Terran as it reveals cloaked units (including ground units) within its range of attack.


A Turret deals 20 explosive-type damage with a Cooldown of 0.63. The table below tells the minimum number shots a Turret must fire to kill oncoming units. Because the Turret must undergo a turning animation before firing, these numbers may differ from empirical values.

Units Until direct proximity Until unit firing/spell range Until unit death 5
Mutalisk 2 2 ~12
Scourge 2 n/a 3
Queen 2 n/a ~8
Overlord 10 1 n/a ~10
Speed Overlord 5 2 n/a ~10
Guardian 6 0 ~8
Devourer 3 n/a 12
Shuttle 3 n/a 7
Speed Shuttle 2 n/a 7
Observer 3 n/a ~5
Speed Observer 2 n/a ~5
Scout 3 2 13
Speed Scout 2 1 13
Carrier 4 0 3 30
Interceptor n/a n/a 6
Arbiter 2 2 19
Corsair 2 0 11
Wraith 2 2 6
Valkyrie 2 n/a 13
Dropship 3 4 n/a 8
Battlecruiser 5 1 20
Science Vessel 2 n/a 10
Flying Building 16 n/a n/a

1 As an Overlord can be shot 10 times before reaching the turret, it will die before reaching it.

2 When ordered to unload directly next to the Turret, a Speed-upgraded Overlord can unload approximately six units before dying.

3 Of course, the Turret will be able to shoot at the Interceptors.

4 When ordered to unload directly next to the Turret, a Dropship can unload approximately five units before dying.

5 ~ to indicate minimum number of hits. As these units regenerate, they may require one more hit to kill.


Its low cost, high HP and considerable damage make the Turret a staple of all Terran matchups.


  • When dealing with (Cloaked) Wraiths, Goliaths (plus Scan) are usually preferred for defense. However, Turrets are a cheap alternative.
  • When Dropships come into play, Turrets are planted around the bases because, even though they will not prevent an offensive drop, they will pick off one or two Dropships during a drop. This can tip the balance in this match-up where Dropship numbers can be pivotal.
  • If Battlecruisers enter the game, Turrets are a cheap and fast way to protect one's base and army. Even though they are destroyed by a single Yamato Cannon attack, Battlecruisers will suffer great damage when attacking the Turrets directly.
Turret Placement
  • In case of Wraiths one or two Turrets near Mineral lines should suffice as Goliaths should be one's main defense.
  • When fending off Dropships Turrets should be placed at the edge of one's base(s), forcing the opponent to drop away from one's base's center.
  • When fighting Battlecruisers, it is most effective to place Turrets at critical points on the map.


  • Versus Protoss, Turrets are commonly used to fend off Shuttles attempting to harass the Terran base. They are also often built alongside a Terran push to deter Observers, Arbiters or Shuttles attempting to do Zealot Bombs
  • They also provide detection when attacked by Dark Templars.
  • Carriers are ideally fought with Goliaths (or Cloaked Wraith in some cases) but Turrets are a cheap and fast way to throw up some defences. Carriers can attack out of range of the Turrets and the latter will fire only at the Interceptors. Eventually the Turrets will be picked off but they may buy the Terran player time to get enough Goliaths.
Turret Placement
  • Versus either Reaver or DT drop a Turret is generally placed near the Mineral line as that is where a drop is most impactful. More Turrets can be placed around one's bases.
  • When Dark Templars are expected, Turrets can be built near chokepoints or ramps.
  • When fending off a Zealot drop that is part of an attempt to break the Terran defenses, a Turret can be built near Siege Tanks (for example, on the cliff overlooking the natural expansion).
  • Turrets are also a good way to seal bases off from Observers in case the Terran player is hiding something (i.e. a surprise attack force or building).
  • Turrets can also be built where Goliaths can't easily go. They can hold off Carriers before the army returns to defend.


Turrets are generally needed to hold off Mutalisk harass. While the explosive damage the Turret deals isn't very effective against the small Mutalisks, they stall the onslaught long enough for Marines or other anti-air units to arrive. Turrets can be placed in positions where Marines can flank the Mutalisks and force them to fly over the Turrets to seek safety.

Sometimes, Turrets are built to fend off drops. They also can be used to stall Guardians. The latter will be prevented from simply flying into the Terran main base, but since Guardians have greater range, Turrets cannot be solely relied upon to defend against them.

Turret Placement
  • When fending off Mutalisks, there are two key spots for putting up Turrets: Economy and Production. Usually this means building Turrets at the Terran main mineral line, natural mineral line and near the Barracks or Factories. The number of Turrets depends greatly on Muta timing and the number of alternative anti-air military available (i.e. Marines). Building a Turret at the ramp between the main base and the natural can help against good Mutalisk micro picking off Marines when they are especially vulnerable as they move single file up and down the ramp.
For more discussion see (H) Turret placement TvZ/muta defence


  • In Terran versus Protoss match-ups, an Observer can be flown directly on top of a lone Missile Turret causing the Turret to stop firing, thus allowing other Protoss flying units, such as a Shuttle, to pass unharmed. Though it's possible to freeze a Turret after construction, the Observer is generally placed during construction, before the Turret can fire at and kill the Observer. To counter this, the Terran player needs to repeatedly press the stop key.
  • To provide some extra protection for Turrets, or to trick the opponent, a Terran player can lift off one of his buildings and hover it over one or more Turrets. The opponent will then be unable to focus-fire on the Turret(s). It can also leave your opponent guessing as to whether or not there is a Turret under the building.
  • Fun Fact: The Turret is actually manned. The operator is visible in as the yellow outlined figure in the Turret wireframe picture below.

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