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Models: Results

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
2021-03-254th - 6thMajorAscension: RebirthAscension: Rebirth
2021-03-211stMajorShinhan Tank Proleague Season 4Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 4
SouL GamingSouL Gaming
2021-03-125th - 8thMajorRogue City RumbleRogue City Rumble1 : 3-
2020-08-161stMajorLiquipedia Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 3Liquipedia Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 3
SouL GamingSouL Gaming
5 : 1
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
2020-07-0513th - 16thMajorTDR NASL 3TDR NASL 30-2Grp S.-
2020-06-142ndMinorBWCL Season 50BWCL Season 50
SouL GamingSouL Gaming
1 : 4
inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
2020-04-1717th - 22ndMajorBombastic StarLeague 9Bombastic StarLeague 91-2Grp S.-
2020-03-142ndBiw. (Min.)Have At You! #360 : 2$15
2020-02-023rdMinorBWCL Season 49BWCL Season 49
SouL GamingSouL Gaming
4 : 1
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
2019-10-054thMinorLA LAN0 : 1$81
2019-07-131stMajorNYC LAN 2019 #13 : 2$704
2019-05-187th - 8thMajorDefiler Mega Tour0 : 1-
2019-05-183rd - 4thMinorLet’s Go 4!1 : 2$25.09
2019-03-255thMinorBWCL Season 47BWCL Season 47
broodwar Lifebroodwar Life
0-8Grp S.-