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[e][h]Terran Mong
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Yoon Chan Hee
May 17, 1992 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
Mong[Name], Monster[WHITE], Ever)T(Gowoon
Online FlaSh, Afreecan FlaSh
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
Onse Telecom 2 Number Plus SonicTV BJ Starleague
2010-03-24 — ????-??-??

Yoon "Mong" Chan is an ex CJ Entus player. Born in the city of Goyang in 1992. Mong is a player who plays exceptional against both Zerg and Protoss. In his first 3 years of the Sonic Era (2012-2014) he maintains a 60% win-rate over his opponents in nearly 300 games played. That is the sort of record the make him an A+ class player for any KESPA team. The only thing stopping Mong from achieving an overall win-rate above 60% is his TvT which is sitting at 48.45%.

Mong’s career was launched into greatness very silently. Back in April of 2012 the name Sonic was not on anyone’s radar. During this time Brood War hearts were still being torn and the chaos of the hybrid proleague was in its beginning stages. As a reminder, KESPA Brood War was still played all the way through September of 2012 BSE (Before Sonic Era). That April Mong had become the “Onse Telecom 2 Number Plus SonicTV BJ Starleague”.

Onse Telecom 2, also known as SSL6.5, was the first major tournament Mong has ever won. While the tournament wasn’t filled with BSE players, retired pros (P)Pusan, (P)BackHo, and (P)Anytime had all returned to Brood War to compete in this tournament. Mong not only played well, but he had an insanely close series with (P)Sky. This series is worth going back to if you have time.

Mong is one of the most popular streaming broadcast jockeys, or BJs, on Afreeca, playing on the Fish server.[1]

Mong tried to organize a tournament, called Mong Starleague in 2014. It did not happen, Mong tried again in 2015 but without success.[2][3]

Trivia and Facts[edit]

  • Mong is also known for his great personality:
  • Favorite Music: F(x), Crayonpopo, Yunminsu (윤민수), Big Bang, David Guetta
  • Favorite TV Shows: SNL Korea, JTBC-Love, and Salaryman
  • Favorite Movies: Ironman, 퀵, 내머리속의지우개
  • Favorite Sports Teams: CJ Entus and Manchester United
  • nicknamed "Online FlaSh"[4] or "Afreecan FlaSh"[5] for his strong performance whenever playing online

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 336 171 165 50.9 %
vs T 237 125 112 52.7 %
vs Z 354 184 170 52 %
All 973 524 449 53.9 %



No doubt this was the toughest tournament of 2014. Mong is matched up against (T)HiyA, (P)Tyson, (Z)ZerO, Brittany, and (Z)Killer along his path to advance to the round of 8. It is clear Mong had quite the challenge ahead of him as all 5 of those opponents actually played broadcasted matches in the BSE. Mong only saw defeat in the end, when he was paired up against possibly the best zerg of the year and SSL9 semifinalist, (Z)by.hero.

LoveTV 2nd Starleague

Mong does it again! He advances to the round of 8. This time he takes down (P)Tyson, (T)PianO, (P)Movie, (P)Pure, (P)Pusan, and (Z)Jy. While the list is not as impressive as SSL9’s, Piano has one of the highest win rates of any Terran this year and Movie is easily a top 3 Protoss. Unfortunately the show stopper is yet another Zerg caught on fire, Modesty (and the Modesty Build).

1st SBenu AllStars

This is the most recent tournament Mong has competed in. Mong hasn’t seen past the round of 8 since 2013 at this point. 16 selected players form the group stages as Mong battles (P)Movie, (Z)Killer, and (Z)Kwanro. Mong shows once again he is a power house in group stages advancing first only giving up one game to Killer. Tested with the round of 8 again, he topples Shuttle 3-1 only to fall in his weakest matchup to (T)sSak(the eventual winner). Mong finished with a bronze and finds himself one step closer to tasting gold in 2014 as SSL10 is on the horizon.

In A0Premier Tournaments
2022-01-024thA0PremierASTL Season 3emTek RedbitemTek Redbit2 : 4AfreecaTVAfreecaTV$337.13
2020-08-021stA0PremierASTL Season 1Carariyo BuffalosCarariyo Buffalos4 : 2AfreecaTV HeroesAfreecaTV Heroes$1,196.46
2020-03-159th - 12thA0PremierASL Season 91–2Grp S.$1,217.93
2017-11-185th - 8thA0PremierWEGL Starcraft Remaster Super Fight0 : 2$1,800
2017-06-045th - 8thA0PremierASL Season 31 : 3$450
2015-02-123rdA0Premier10th SonicTV BJ Starleague3 : 1$4,541
In A1Major Tournaments
2019-09-051stA1MajorKCM Race Survival Season 11TerranTerran4 : 2ZergZerg$540.65
2018-10-311stA1MajorKCM Race Survival Season 8TerranTerran4 : 1TerranTerran$675.53
2017-12-171stA1MajorRus Brain Cup Season 13 : 0$550
2012-04-281stA1MajorOnse Telecom 2 Number Plus SonicTV BJ Starleague4 : 3$1,320
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