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Moon Glaive

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[e][h]Moon Glaive
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
3 at 1, 4, 8
Competition Span:
Oct 2009 – Apr 2010


This map is one of the maps to be used in the 2009-2010 Proleague season after going through extensive map testing prior to the 09-10 season. It was given an update to Neo Moon Glaive in the second round of the 09-10 season.

Post-Maptest review[1][edit]

Moon Glaive has some interesting features. High ground and positioning seem to be themes of these maps so far. Moon Glaive tried adding an extra dimension to it with the three "watch towers", but the ramps were removed in later version leaving it doubtful whether they’ll ever be manned by Tanks or Lurkers - unlike on Othello they’re not overlooking expansions. The other idea being explored here is shared with Asgard: the multiple entrance feature to the natural expansion. Typically, as we all know, natural expansions are easy to take and hold and most maps encourage them, shifting the game in more macro-oriented directions. No longer. This feature hurts versus the mobile armies and the map is already nicknamed Tears of the Protoss II, as Forge FE is such a critical part of the way the game is played.

Flanking seems very doable on this map, but defending the funnel lowgrounds should be easy enough and the highground middle is actually pretty small. We see this affect the TvP match-up when Barracks demonstrated Terran’s ability to set up mid-games push across the small, buildable highground, which proved very strong indeed. Mines and Tanks are very strong on the low ground areas, leaving Protoss unable to fend off harrass or to put on pressure as well as they’d like.

TvZ is really Terran favoured statistically and all the 4 showgames featured 2 Hatch aggression, getting Zerg 2 wins. A notable game might be Haran vs Last. Because of the clock-wise positioning Zerg takes the third main for a third, slowing down his mining and tech. When Muta harrass is fended off sufficiently (a single set of turrets can cover both production facilities and natural mineral line) the Terran push can reach the highground over the Zerg natural fairly easily. Lurker numbers are way too small to break the contain and flanking is impossible in the narrow passages (Medic block revival go!). Even though the middle should have some flanking potential, a Terran push arriving outside your natural is devastating.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Backdoor Entrance to Natural - There are two entrances to each natural, both accessible from the middle.
  • High Ground - The middle of the map is a plateau that makes it harder for contained players to get to the middle of the map.


  • Original mineral-only entrance change - Adjusted size so that the originally-mineral-only expo can be blocked with 3 pylons now
  • Siege imbalance at ramp - Made changes so that doing siege mode near ramp of entrance doesn't cover the entire nat
  • Conversion of mineral-only to gas expansions - Added 2500 gas at the originally mineral-only expo. However, reduced gas at originally third gas-expo to 2500 gas (meaning all gas is now 2500 except for mains and nats)
  • Tank siege at third and fourth gas - Made changes so that you can't attack third's gas from fourth's and vice-versa
  • Wallable main - Made changes so that you can wall with 2 depot 1 rax at main
  • Unbuildable center of map - Increased area at center of map which is unbuildable
  • Widened natural - Made nat's entrance bigger from 6 grid to 8 grid
  • Adjustment of 2nd entrance to natural - Made 2nd entrance to nat closer to main entrance
  • Buildable area outside natural - Made it possible to build turrets at the area just before getting to high ground from the nat
  • Natural gas position fix - Made positional imbalance fixes so that marines and lurkers can harass that nat's gas from the 2nd entrance on all positions
  • Main mineral adjustment - 12 o'clock's main's mineral and gas positioning was changed from facing the right to facing the edge of the main to prevent positioning imbalance

Map version images[edit]

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2010-04-0309:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueSea Terran South KoreaFlashSouth Korea Terran FlashWatch VOD
2010-03-2704:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueZerO Zerg South KoreaSeaSouth Korea Terran SeaWatch VOD
2010-03-2704:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueSoulkey Zerg South KoreaLightSouth Korea Terran LightWatch VOD
2010-03-2004:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueSoulkey Zerg South KoreaModestySouth Korea Zerg ModestyWatch VOD
2010-03-1609:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueJaedong Zerg South KoreaHoGiLSouth Korea Zerg HoGiLWatch VOD
2010-03-1609:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueSea Terran South KoreaVioletSouth Korea Protoss VioletWatch VOD
2010-03-1509:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueModesty Zerg South KoreaFanTaSySouth Korea Terran FanTaSyWatch VOD
2010-03-1509:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueMiracle Terran South KoreaMajorSouth Korea Terran MajorWatch VOD
2010-03-1404:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueAction Zerg South KoreaCrazy-HydraSouth Korea Zerg Crazy-HydraWatch VOD
2010-03-1404:00 UTC2010 Shinhan Bank Winners LeagueDarkElf Terran South KoreaMovieSouth Korea Protoss MovieWatch VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Moon Glaive21447301763.8%39251464.1%32201262.5%87315