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[e][h]Protoss Movie
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Jin Young Hwa
August 30, 1990 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
Iron Reaver,陈老师,电影
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League2013 StarCraft Asian Open: 1v1COSL Elite Season 2(2013-2014)VTJZ Cup:Main EventC-OSL 5KCM Race Survival 2022 Season 2
2007-08-08 — 2012-05-07
2012-05-07 — 2012-??-??


Jin "Movie" Young Hwa is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for Team 8. He currently plays in amateur leagues.


KeSPA Era[edit]

First appearing with a mediocre record in minor league, Movie made his Proleague debut in the Shinhan08 Proleague. He became a semi-regular appearance on the CJ Entus lineup, usually competing with teammate Much for a spot on the lineup. Movie was removed from CJ Entus' roster during the June/July 2009 lineup changes in favour of Snow but was bought back shortly after.

In Round 1 of the 09-10 Proleague season, Movie was used almost exclusively for the Protoss spot, due to Much's departure for Air Force ACE and finished the round with a respectable 4-5 record. Movie had success in individual leagues by qualifying for both the 2009 NATE MSL and the 2009 EVER OSL. In the MSL he was knocked out in the round of 32 after going 1-2 in his group with losses to frequent opponents by.hero and Canata. In the OSL round of 36, Movie knocked out by.hero in the seeded game. Head to head, Movie has a 4-2 record over by.hero in what could have developed into a strong rivalry.

Movie qualified for the round of 8 in the OSL going 2-1 with victories over Pusan and Go.go. Movie also played Jaedong in this group, but lost. Movie won the opening game against ZerO, giving him a 1-0 lead in the split day format. In the second game on Eye of the Storm, Movie's strong PvZ dismantled a faltering Zero and gave Movie the 2-0 victory. This set him up for a Semi-Final match against Shine, making him one of only two possible Royal Roaders left in the OSL, alongside Calm. Before their game in the round of 4, Movie had played Shine twice, in two best of one games. Shine had won both of those games and held a 2-0 record against Movie. Nevertheless, Movie overcame this obstacle and defeated Shine 3-1 in the Semi-Finals, which made him progress to the OSL Finals where he would meet Flash.

At the OSL finals, Flash defeated Movie with a score of 3-1. The first set was on Heartbreak Ridge and it was a 40-minute-long game which many think is the best game in the series.

On May 7th, 2012, KeSPA informed the public via their website that Movie had transferred from CJ Entus to Team 8 per his request, after a poor performance in the 2011-2012 Proleague Season 1[1]

Post-KeSPA Era[edit]

Eventually Movie switched to Starcraft 2 when KeSPA made the transition. However, he did not play SC2 for long and retired. Afterwards he started streaming Brood War and playing in tournaments. He played in four Sonic Starleaguess with his best result being third place in 9th SonicTV Starleague. He also managed to win the 12th and 13th edition of the SOSPA Ranking Tournament.

In 2016 Movie managed to qualify for Afreeca Starleague Season 2 after defeating PianO and Shine[kaL] in the Seoul Qualifier. His ASL 2 group included Flash, Soulkey and Terror. While he lost his first game against Soulkey, he managed to advance in second place after defeating Terror in the Losers Match and taking revenge against Soulkey in the deciding match. In Ro16 his group consisted of Sea, Rain and Flash.


  • His nicknames are "Gerrard" (due to his likeness to the well-known football-player), and "Iron Reaver" (due to him using Reavers to great effect, though it also has a bit of an ironic title as Movie regularly manages to lose his Reavers multiple times in the same game).
  • Over half of his wins vs Zerg come from the ZvP powerhouses of by.hero and Jaedong.
  • Achieved his first all-kill in Proleague (Winner's League) 2010-11 Round 4 (against MBCGame HERO). [1]

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 195 104 91 53.3 %
vs T 328 171 157 52.1 %
vs Z 339 185 154 54.6 %
All 890 485 405 54.5 %


2017-09-042ndQual. (Prem.)AfreecaTV Starleague Season 4: Busan QualifierAfreecaTV Starleague Season 4: Busan Qualifier0 : 2-
2016-06-113rd - 4thShowm. (Prem.)2016 Sino-Korean Carnival2016 Sino-Korean Carnival0 : 2$5,036.42
2015-02-081stMajorC-OSL 5C-OSL 54 : 3$1,601.27
2014-06-291stMajorVTJZ Cup:Main EventVTJZ Cup:Main Event4 : 0$3,219.18
2014-04-061stMajorCOSL Elite Season 2(2013-2014)COSL Elite Season 2(2013-2014)4 : 0$2,579.70
2014-03-153rdPremier9th SonicTV BJ Starleague9th SonicTV BJ Starleague2 : 0$940
2013-12-011stPremier2013 StarCraft Asian Open: 1v12013 StarCraft Asian Open: 1v14 : 1$24,600
2010-04-305th - 8thPremierKorean Air Starleague 2010Korean Air Starleague 2010
CJ EntusCJ Entus
0 : 2$2,415
2010-01-172ndPremier2009 EVER OSL2009 EVER OSL
CJ EntusCJ Entus
1 : 3$16,100
2009-03-281stPremier2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League2009 Shinhan Bank Winners League
CJ EntusCJ Entus
4 : 3
Hwaseung OZHwaseung OZ
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