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[e][h]Zerg MuMyung
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Sung Hak Seung
November 1, 1984 (1984-11-01) (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
Mummy, Prince of Zerg
????-??-?? — 2004-??-??
2004-07-?? — 2006-??-??
2006-??-?? — 2008-??-??
2008-??-?? — 2010-02-??
2010-09-?? — 2011-11-??

Sung "MuMyung" Hak Seung is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Zerg for Air Force ACE. He is a former coach for SK Telecom T1 and MBCGame HERO.


MuMyung played for Plus before being traded to SK Telecom T1 in 2004.[1]. There he stayed until he had to go to the army where he eventually joined Air Force ACE. Once his duties were done, he returned to SK Telecom T1 and soon became a coach.

MuMyung left the coaching staff in February 2010 for personal reasons.[2]

In September 2010 MuMyung was confirmed as the new headcoach for MBCGame HERO after Ha Tae-Ki ("Papa Bear") resigned.[3]


2006-07-16IC9 - 12thA0Premier1v12006 Pringles MSL Season 12006 Pringles MSL Season 1MuMyungSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T11-2Grp S. 
2005-12-22DA4thA0Premier1v12005 LG CYON MSL2005 LG CYON MSLMuMyungPirates of SpacePirates of Space1 : 3South Korea  iloveoov$2,012
2004-03-21IC9 - 12thA0Premier1v12003-2004 NHN OSL2003-2004 NHN OSLMuMyungPlusPlus2-1Grp S. 
2004-02-28GA7 - 8thA0PremierTeamLG IBM MBC Team LeagueLG IBM MBC Team LeagueMuMyungPlusPlus2 : 4Hanbit StarsHanbit Stars$170
2003-12-14NA14 - 15thA0Premier1v12003 KT KTF Premier League2003 KT KTF Premier LeagueMuMyungKTEC PlusKTEC Plus0 : 1South Korea  XellOs$1,600
2003-10-11CA3rdA0PremierTeam2003 LifeZone KPGA Team League2003 LifeZone KPGA Team LeagueMuMyungKTEC PlusKTEC Plus4 : 3STX SouLSTX SouL$871
2003-08-30EA5thA0PremierTeam2003 KTF EVER Cup Proleague2003 KTF EVER Cup ProleagueMuMyungKTEC PlusKTEC Plus2-3Grp S. 
2003-07-13IC9 - 12thA0Premier1v12003 Olympus OSL2003 Olympus OSLMuMyungIdeal SpaceIdeal Space1-2Grp S. 
2002-06-15MC13 - 16thA0Premier1v12002 NATE OSL2002 NATE OSLMuMyung1-2Grp S. 
2002-01-24AA1stA0Premier1v12001 KPGA Winners Championship2001 KPGA Winners ChampionshipMuMyung3 : 2South Korea  Yellow 
Complete list of results in any tournament
Place Year Event/League
2nd 2002-2003 iTV Ranking 5th League
3rd 2002 iTV Ranking 4th League
1st 2001 KPGA November