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Mutalisk vs. Scourge Control

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[e][h]ZergMutalisk vs. Scourge Control
Mutalisk control destroys attacking Scourge
Technique Information

In the Zerg vs. Zerg match-up, the outcome can depend entirely on the micromanagement abilities of the players. A common, skill-intensive trick often witnessed in the match-up is that of controlling a group of Mutalisks in order to kill enemy Scourge before they can damage or kill their targets.


Every unit of Vespene Gas is crucial in the Zerg vs. Zerg match-up. Using proper Mutalisk control, a Scourge-heavy user can be forced to, in essence, waste massive amounts of valuable Gas while gaining little in terms of enemy casualties.

Mutalisk Stacking[edit]

Stacking Mutalisks is imperative to Mutalisk vs. Scourge control. As seen in the images below, Mutalisks can be stacked by grouping with another unit, such as an Overlord or a Larva. For specifics on how Mutalisks stack, visit Magic Boxes. For a more detailed description of how to properly stack Mutalisks, visit Mutalisk Harassment.

Method 1 : The Patrol Method[edit]

1. Ensure Mutalisks are stacked when engaging the enemy Scourge, using either method outlined above.

2. When the enemy Scourge are approximately one and a half Mutalisk length from your Mutalisk cluster, use Patrol (press P -> click) just in front of your Mutalisks.

3. The Mutalisks should turn and engage the enemy.

4. Immediately as the Mutalisks engage, click in the direction your Mutalisks were traveling before; where the cursor is located in the above image, for instance. Make sure to click a reasonable distance away from your Mutalisks; clicking too close to them can result in them not accelerating away at full speed.

Using patrol and clicking on one of your Mutalisks (preferably the one furthest from the scourges) will make them turn around and fire faster than using patrol in front of your Mutalisks. However, keep in mind that your Mutalisks will probably separate more when firing and the Mutalisk that you clicked will not fire, so this method is best used with a larger group of Mutalisks.

Method 2 : The Chinese Triangle Method[edit]

1. Ensure Mutalisks are stacked when engaging the enemy Scourge, using either method outlined above.

2. Ensure that the distance between the enemy Scourge and your Mutalisks is approximately the length of two Mutalisks, and that the position of your mouse, your Mutalisks, and the Scourges form a straight line (as indicated by the picture).

3. Click a point at an approximately 45 degree angle to both the Mutalisks and Scourge.

4. Immediately after the preceding step, once the Mutalisks have begun to turn around, use Patrol (press P -> click) downwards at a similar distance as in the last step, however, this time at a 30 degree angle between the Mutalisks and Scourge.

5. In order to turn back around, imagine a line going from the Mutalisks to the enemy Scourge; Click a point at an approximate 150 degree angle to this line.

6. Finally, regroup the Mutalisks, and repeat.

What it should look like:

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