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League Information
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:
Protoss 12
Terran 10
Zerg 13

General Information[edit]

The event was organized by the Danish clan Meet your Makers in May 2007. It was a marketing event and a cooperation between the multi gaming clan and the broadcasting station GIGA 2. The TV station was broadcasting via the HotBird satellite on the NBC Europe Network for free. After it was shut down in November 2007 the KOTH was artificially ended until the German ESL TV (GIGA's successor) decided to continue. The casters Ulrich "FlyingDJ" Schulze and Christian "Stoned" Wopen transferred from GIGA 2 in the process. The KOTH was a fix addition to both GIGA's and ESL TV's programme and very popular among the German scene. On international level the casts often got criticized because of the German-only casters and the OCTOSHAPE technology, often referred to OCTOSHIT.

Even with both stations offering free access to their streams premium accounts with various advantages were offered for money. The community could bet on the matches and win accounts for GIGA 2. Those were limited to a few weeks. The KOTH ended in August 2008 after 40 played show matches and endless hours of casts.


The event followed the classic procedure for a long-term King of the Hill. To start with the two players sO.o (before he was caught map hacking) and Mireille were invited to play each other. The winner could be challenged by an invited player and had the imaginary title as “king”. The map pool was chosen by the hosts and usually consisted of more popular foreign maps. The mode was a best of five. No prizes were given besides a massive coverage from MYM, GIGA/ESL and other community pages such as Brood and

As any long lasting event the KOTH often suffered from player changes on short notice, especially players not showing up due to other events taking place at the same time. Furthermore additional rules have been added to favour the champion: after ESL TV hosted the events the King could replace one map of the set with his own choice.


Player 1 Result Player 2
United States  MgZ)sO.o 0 - 2 Sweden  QPad.Mireille
Spain  ToT)Squall( 0 - 2 Sweden  QPad.Mireille
Poland  xlo.MistrZZZ 2 - 0 Sweden  QPad.Mireille
Poland  xlo.MistrZZZ 2 - 0 Poland  iG.Signal[1]
Poland  xlo.MistrZZZ 2 - 1 Romania  xlo.Shaman
Poland  xlo.MistrZZZ 2 - 1 Ukraine  aAa.Strelok
Poland  xlo.MistrZZZ 2 - 0 Poland  ToT)Hullah(
Germany  DkH.Ghost[2] 2 - 1 Poland  ToT)Hullah(
Germany  DkH.Ghost 0 - 3 Poland  MYM.Blackman
Poland  ToT)Gohan( 3 - 2 Poland  MYM.Blackman
Poland  ToT)Gohan( 3 - 0 South Korea  aAa.CrayOn
Mexico  xlo.Fenix 3 - 2 Sweden  NaW-Datoby[3]
Mexico  xlo.Fenix 3 - 0 Germany  DkH.GoOdy
Mexico  xlo.Fenix 1 - 3 Lithuania  MYM.Arew
Mexico  xlo.Fenix 3 - 0 Germany  DkH.GoOdy
Lithuania  MYM.Arew 0 - 3 China  XiaOzI
South Korea  MgZ)yoon [4] 1 - 1 China  XiaOzI
Canada  MgZ)TT1[5] 2 - 3 China  XiaOzI
Ukraine  MYM.White-Ra 3 - 2 China  XiaOzI
Ukraine  MYM.White-Ra 1 - 3 Russia  Notforu
Ukraine  MYM.Strelok 2 - 3 Russia  Notforu
Poland  LRM)Yayba 1 - 3 Russia  Notforu
Italy  ToT)Cloud( 1 - 3 Russia  Notforu
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 3 - 1 Russia  Notforu
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 3 - 1 France  ToT)SarenS(
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 3 - 1 Peru  xlo.Castro
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 3 - 0 Germany  HoRRoR.T
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 4 - 0 Sweden  NaW-Merz
Germany  MYM.Gentleman 2 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
Spain  ToT)Squall( 1 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
Poland  ToT)Gosia( 1 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
Poland  BVG.Tarson 0 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
Netherlands  ToT)ret( 0 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
United States  xlo.Chosen 1 - 3 United States  xlo.NonY
Hungary  ToT)Ace( 3 - 0 Mexico  xlo.Fenix[6]
Hungary  ToT)Ace( 2 - 3 Poland  MYM.Yayba
Poland  ToT)Gohan( 2 - 3 Ukraine  RoX.Dimaga


Germany  mTwAMD.HoRRoR.T 1 - 3 Ukraine  RoX.Dimaga
Poland  MYM.Dreiven 1 - 3 Ukraine  RoX.Dimaga

Match Up Winratio
  vs   55,41%
  vs   30%
  vs   54,16%

Birthday Special[edit]

For the one-year anniversary ESL TV hosted a four man SE-Tournament featuring the Kings with the longest win-streak: MistrZZZ, Gentleman, Mireille and Notforu.

Grand Final
Grand Final

The Commentators[edit]

Under GIGA 2 nobody was sure who was to cast the events, only that the preferred language would be German. FlyingDJ was picked from GIGA's management team, as he was casting WC3 before. N.Sk)Stoned was chosen as community expert after a community vote after trying out four different casters; he won close over Sonic[SHlT], who was casting with FlyingDJ once Stoned had to give up his casting as he moved away from Cologne.

Especially FlyingDJ was heavily criticized by the less mature members of Germany's Brood War community for not being able to control the camera. He was accused of missing the most important parts of the game all the time and a lack of general strategic understanding. To circumvent that Uli simply stated he underwent a training by Korean professional casters in the episode after WCG 2008 at Cologne. The commentators magically approved of his camera once the statement was made. In the following episode Uli admitted he never did any of those things and begged the community to not commentate like YouTube users anymore.

In long term the caster duo established as the favourites of the masses; both Stoned and FlyingDJ worked together very well, commentated sarcastically without actually give out mean comments unlike other casters used to do at this time. Over time an artificial fight between both casters evolved ending in another community special: a grudge match on both fun maps and real maps. For preparation Uli joined the rookie server and promoted it on the following casts. In retroperspective Uli was the only non-BW ESL caster to ever include himself in the BW community due to his counter-trolling abilities and sympathetic character.


  1. Signal replaced KaaZ who replaced Suncow
  2. MistrZZZ was accused hacking and was stepped down until he could be proven not guilty
  3. Datoby replaced Gohan; no show
  4. Yoon went afk and thus the match was forfeited
  5. TT1 replaced IefNaij who replaced Ex
  6. Nony couldn't show up so Fenix replaced him and Ace was chosen as new contester
  7. Yayba couldn't show up, so Gohan replaced him and Dimaga was chosen as new contester