Mysterious Gravity

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Mysterious Gravity (mG) is a StarCraft: Brood War clan led by North American StarCraft player Qu3eN. Founded in August 2020 by Qu3eN, Friendly, and Razorsuke, the clan was initially planned to be a hybrid team of 1v1 players and fastest map players, but established itself purely as a competitive 1v1 team. The clan's formation occurred concurrently with the formation of clan nOm. A primary goal of mG is to foster a friendly environment where its members can regularly find games to practice. Today the clan consists of players from all over the world including talent from North America, Europe, Asia, and South Korea.

Tournaments Mysterious Gravity participates in Brood War Clan League (BWCL), Coach Pupil League (CPL), and For Fun's Sake Clan League (FFSCL). Several members of mG have coached for CPL and its leader is the creator of CPL's "King of the Tiers" tournament.