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Nada 2 Fac

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[e][h]TerranNaDa 2 Factory
Two Factories indicating the strategy
Strategy Information
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The "NaDa Two Factory" opening is named after the famous Korean professional NaDa. The Build Order is designed to punish a Fast Expanding Protoss with a one base play. The strategy itself is rather similar to most two factory openings, but focuses on adding a bigger number of Siege Tanks early on.

Build Order[edit]

"NaDa Two Factory"
  • 8/9 Supply Depot
  • 10/11 Barracks
  • 11/12 Refinery
  • 16 Factory
  • 16 Supply Depot[1]
  • 18 Factory
  • @100% Factories - Machine Shop[2]
  • 22/23 Supply Depot
  1. Depot might be built before the factory, depending on the Barracks and Refinery timing
  2. Only one Machine Shop is built


The execution is rather easy. Most important to notice is that only one of the two Factories will have a Machine Shop. The upgrade to be researched depends on the player styles, either Vulture Speed Upgrade or Spider Mines are possible. Siege Mode is not researched before the attack starts.

The Factory with the Machine Shop will produce a total number of three Siege Tanks, while the other constantly trains Vultures. As soon as the third Tank finishes, the Terran goes to attack the Protoss. During the attack both Factories are to be rallied close to the front line, so that reinforcements arrive instantly. Only Vultures are being trained in this stage. If money allows it, a Command Center should be built in the own Natural Expansion.

During the attack the Marines and Vultures in the attack are used as meat shield. The supporting units should soak up the most part of the damage, while the Siege Tanks are kept in the back to deal the damage. However, it is pivotal to not overestimate the own force - the Tanks should not be lost if possible. If Protoss is able to defend his own ramp with a high ground advantage, the attack can be cancelled and turned into a contain. Expanding is most times the more efficient response, especially if Protoss also has high tier units like Dark Templars or Reavers as own support.

If Terran has to retreat, Siege Mode is the next upgrade to be researched. Meanwhile, the remaining Vultures can be used to keep map control and vision on possible new Protoss expansions. If the Vulture are big enough in numbers, constant threats to backstab the Protoss Natural and Main Base can be kept, to stall potential counter attacks by Dragoons.


The Nada Two Factory works best against a Fast Expanding Protoss off one Gateway. Whenever a Protoss expands quickly and has only few units, the unit mix by Terran will have the upper hand. It is also a decent response to Dark Templar rushes and fast Reaver Drops. However, while Terran is safe against both, Dark Templars and Reavers, he might not be able to realize the own goal - destroying a Protoss expansion - easily, especially since the Vultures will be missing either Speed or Mine upgrade.

Whenever Protoss opens with a conservative Build, like two Gateway Dragoon with Observers, or a Dragoon pressure opening like the Bulldog, Terran will be in disadvantage. Since Siege Mode and Vulture Speed or Mines are missing, Protoss will usually come out on top of the initial fights.

Notable Maps[edit]

Maps with very short rush distances and wide open choke points give an advantage to the Terran, while big maps with complicated pathing and in-base expansions make the opening rather inefficient.

Exemplary Games[edit]

Byzantium South Korea Terran firebathero ClubDay 2008 MSL
South Korea Protoss Bisu
Date: 2008-10-11
Patch: VOD