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[e][h]Protoss NbA
Player Information
Jonathan Hidalgo
May 18, 1987 (age 36)
Alternate IDs:
ATWA, NbA(CHILE), MgZ)NbA, iG.NbA, xLo.NbA, dM-NbA, NbA[NaS]
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2023:
2010-??-?? — 2019-12-31
2020-01-01 — 2022-05-05
2022-05-05 — Present


NbA is a Chilean Protoss player who is currently playing StarCraft Remastered for NaS.


NbA started playing around the year 2001-2002. He joined Team Chile where he managed to raise his level a lot, training with them, winning small LAN tournaments in different locations in Chile.

After several years he joined the renowned European team MgZ (MicrogamerZ) in which he trained with high-level players, which led him to gain notoriety and recognition within the Latin American and European scene. His last tournament before retirement was the WCG Chile 2010 where he finished third.

He played again in 2020, product of the pandemic. At that moment, dM- offered him to play for them, which he thought was a good alternative to regain his level. It cost him a lot, since the style of play had changed a lot from how he remembered it. As a result of his ambition to improve, he was able to join the NaS team, and there he can compete with high-level players with whom he can train.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 128 75 53 58.6 %
vs T 86 36 50 41.9 %
vs Z 98 52 46 53.1 %
All 312 163 149 52.2 %


2023-08-153rdMinorTournament of Power Season 4
North American SquadNorth American Squad
1 : 3$27.07
2022-07-281stWeek. (Min.)DDS32: SquaLL vs. NbADDS32: SquaLL vs. NbA
North American SquadNorth American Squad
6 : 1$43.60
2022-07-201stMinorTournament of Power Season 2
North American SquadNorth American Squad
4 : 3$155.92
2022-05-313rdMinorBSL 15 Latin America ChampionshipBSL 15 Latin America Championship
North American SquadNorth American Squad
1 : 3$100
2022-04-262ndWeek. (Min.)DDS29: NbA vs SquaLLDDS29: NbA vs SquaLL
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
2 : 5$22.25
2021-11-275th - 8thMajorSamsung LPG Season 2Samsung LPG Season 2
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
1 : 3-
2021-09-025th - 8thMajorMovistar LPG Season 5Movistar LPG Season 5
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
1 : 3-
2021-07-253rdMinorLiga StarCraft Chile Season 12: Div ALiga StarCraft Chile Season 12: Div A
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
2 : 1$24.20
2021-07-215th - 8thMajorLima Games Week 2021: AMD Red LeagueLima Games Week 2021: AMD Red League
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
0 : 2$125
2021-05-225th - 8thMajorMovistar LPG Season 4Movistar LPG Season 4
disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
0 : 3-
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Earnings Breakdown[edit]