Nemesis (ASL)

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This article refers to the 2022 map. For the 2007 map of the same name, see Nemesis.

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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 1, 5, 7, 11
  • 1.0
Competition Span:
July 2022 - currently in use
Leagues Featured:
ASL Season 14


Notable Features[edit]

  • Main base and center look like basins compared to Natural Expansion terrain, but are considered flat in game.
  • On the way to third expansion, there are Assimilators and Eggs Gate. When 1 Assimilator is destroyed, large units cannot move, and when 2 Assimilators are destroyed, all units except Ghost cannot move.
  • The 12, 3, 6 and 9 o' clock semi-islands have reduced geysers with 3000 gas.


Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2023-04-0310:10 UTCASL Season 15Action Zerg South KoreaBestSouth Korea Protoss BestWatch VOD
2023-03-2601:00 UTCSIB Season 3: Sobenz vs. SzikySziky Zerg HungarySobenzSouth Korea Protoss SobenzWatch VOD
2022-10-0210:00 UTCASL Season 14hero Zerg South KoreaSoulkeySouth Korea Zerg SoulkeyWatch VOD
2022-09-2710:20 UTCASL Season 14Soulkey Zerg South KoreaRoyaLSouth Korea Terran RoyaLWatch VOD
2022-09-2110:00 UTCASL Season 14hero Zerg South KoreaSnOwSouth Korea Protoss SnOwWatch VOD
2022-09-1410:10 UTCASL Season 14Soulkey Zerg South KoreaBisuSouth Korea Protoss BisuWatch VOD
2022-07-3002:30 UTCUBE Season 2: Best vs. JyJJyJ Zerg South KoreaBestSouth Korea Terran BestWatch VOD


Terran vs. ZergZerg vs. ProtossProtoss vs. TerranMirrors
Nemesis (ASL)581148876158.8%161748746.0%142756752.8%284755

Played in Premier Tournaments

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