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NlN was a German player and the webmaster of

The Myth[edit]

NlN played a lot of games in early 2002 in regular Europe He won games on purpose to create a Loss-Account with 36-3600 stats. Strangely enough nobody ever saw his games, even when he massed them within two months. NlN was infamous for idling in the channel Brood War Deu-1 and stood on top of the player's list almost all the time. He rarely chatted and became soon a legend. Thousands of players whispered him hoping to get an any kind of answer. Numerous NlN-fan accounts were created and even more players tried to "idle longer" and compete with the #1 spot of the afk list in Deu-1. NlN screenshoted most of the whispers and uploaded them to his page.[edit] was more than a collection of all whisper-monologues NlN received; A lot of Brood War tools were released in the filebase, a thourough collection/description of known bugs is listed there and in 2003 NlN covered many foreign events such as WCG 2003 there. Even nowadays a lot of older players tend to visit the page in order to get patches, sounds and other files from his webpage. Additionally a lot of very old and absurd games of NlN's smurfs can be found, some of them lasting over 5 hours.