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No Longer On Active Rosters (Players)

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
ID Former Team Name Race ELO Peak Date of Last Game
iloveoov SK Telecom T1 최연성 Choi Yun Sung Terran 2353.02 pts 2009-12-01
ChoJJa KTF MagicNs 조용호 Jo Yong Ho Zerg 2283.56 pts 2007-11-20
Nal_rA KTF MagicNs 강민 Kang Min Protoss 2264.31 pts 2010-06-11
TheMarine KTF MagicNs 김정민 Kim Jeong Min Terran 2256.39 pts 2006-03-28
Kwanro SK Telecom T1 한상봉 Han Sang Bong Zerg 2251.04 pts 2011-03-03
Goodfriend eSTRO 이병민 Lee Byung Min Terran 2246.97 pts 2008-05-03
MuMyung Air Force ACE 성학승 Sung Hak Seung Zerg 2251.2 pts 2009-01-10
GARIMTO KTF MagicNs 김동수 Kim Dong Soo Protoss 2248.14 pts 2007-11-20
Kingdom SK Telecom T1 박용욱 Park Yong Wook Protoss 2238.61 pts 2009-07-20
Freemura KTF MagicNs 최진우 Choi Jin Woo Zerg 2138.96 pts 2004-04-26
Grrrr... Hexatron 기욤패트리 Guillaume Patry Protoss 2132.47 pts 2004-04-20
Sync KTF MagicNs 변길섭 Byun Gil Sup Terran 2213.62 pts 2007-11-20
Casy Air Force ACE 한동욱 Han Dong Wook Terran 2224.85 pts 2010-07-11
GGPlay Woongjin Stars 김준영 Kim Joon Yung Zerg 2191.81 pts 2009-07-11
H.O.T-Forever Air Force ACE 강도경 Kang Doh Gyung Zerg 2236.26 pts 2009-12-02
TheBOy KOR 국기봉 Kook Ki Bong Zerg 2156.7 pts 2004-04-03
SKELTON None 봉준구 Bong Joon Goo Zerg 2145.34 pts 2005-04-09
JinNam KTF MagicNs 장진남 Jang Jin Nam Zerg 2128.63 pts 2004-04-22
Zeus Hite Sparkyz 전태규 Jun Tae Gyu Protoss 2153.93 pts 2008-12-12
V-Gundam None 조정현 Jo Jung Hyun Terran 2190.72 pts 2005-01-31
Silver WeMade FOX 심소명 Shim So Myung Zerg 2178.21 pts 2007-10-02