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NoisE Amateur Starleague 2

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[e][h]NoisE Amateur Starleague 2
League Information
NoisE, Reclusive, and Sayle
Up/down Groups, Groups
Prize Pool:
$600 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:

General Information[edit]

The NoisE Amateur Starleague 2 (ASL2) was announced on 18nd August 2012 [1] and had a prize pool of $600, a substantial increase from the first season. The second season, again, features yellow rank players - with the addition of any qualified player from season one that wants to participate, regardless of rank.


Place Prize (USD)
Champion $400
Runner-up $150
Third $50
Total $600


For the first stage (qualification), each player will be divided into a division of 9 (or 10). Each division will have 5 tiers of 2 players and players in each tier play each other.

The player that wins their game moves up a tier and the player that loses moves down a tier. The player that wins in tier 1 stays in it. Likewise, the player in tier 5 that loses also stays where he is at. If there are 9 people in a division, the bottom tier players sits Round 1 (Bye) and then moves up when tier 4 loser moves down. This is repeated over 10 rounds (10 separate games per player) over the course of two days (5 games per day). The top 4 players from each division will move on to the group stage. The divisions were determined randomly and seeded randomly.

In the next (Group) stage, top 4 players from 6 divisions of the Up & Down stage together with the 6 wildcard players and 2 seeded players from the last season make 32 players of the Group stage. These players are divided into 8 groups of 4 players. Each group has two bottom finishing players (Tier 2 and Wildcard players) from the last stage that play a BO3 in Round 1 to advance to the Round 2 to play a second finisher (Tier 1 player) in a BO3. The winner of that match advances to Round 3 to play one of the top finishers (Tier 1 and seeded players) in a BO5 to advance to the Ro8.

Round of 8 and onwards is a single-elimination bracket with a 3rd place match. Every match is a Bo5, except the Finals, which is Bo7.


The newest version of the maps should be used (most of the maps have "Neo" added in front of the name). You can download the mappack.

Used maps are: Fighting Spirit, Neo Electric Circuit, Neo Sniper Ridge, Outsider SE, Neo Jade and Match Point.