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NoisE Amateur Starleague 2/Group Stage

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Top 4 players from 6 divisions of the Up & Down stage together with the 6 wildcard players and 2 seeded players (WandS and Action, as RuSh resigned his seed and Action was next in line) from the last season make 32 players of the Group stage. These players are divided into 8 groups of 4 players. Each group has two bottom finishing players (Tier 2 and Wildcard players) from the last stage that play a BO3 in Round 1 to advance to the Round 2 to play a second finisher (Tier 1 player) in a BO3. The winner of that match advances to Round 3 to play one of the top finishers (Tier 1 and seeded players) in a BO5 to advance to the Ro8.


The newest version of the maps should be used (most of the maps have "Neo" added in front of the name). You can download the mappack.

Maps should be used in this order:


Group A[edit]

 United States Jonoman92 advances to Ro8
R3 Jonoman92  United States 3 2 Croatia  Quirinus
R2 Quirinus  Croatia 2 1 Ukraine  ASmOdey
R1 Purple  Hungary 0 2 Ukraine  ASmOdey

Group B[edit]

 Russia Lisyonok advances to Ro8
R3 Lisyonok  Russia 3 1 United Kingdom  Poetic
R2 my_game  Russia 0 2 United Kingdom  Poetic
R1 Poetic  United Kingdom 2 0 Bulgaria  LSteel

Group C[edit]

 United Kingdom EleGant advances to Ro8
R3 EleGant  United Kingdom 3 1 Hungary  Zimp
R2 SpaNiard  Spain 0 2 Hungary  Zimp
R1 Zimp  Hungary 2 1 Russia  Sheepdog

Group D[edit]

 Denmark ihufa advances to Ro8
R3 Radley  Poland 0 3 Denmark  ihufa
R2 ihufa  Denmark 2 0 Kazakhstan  Terranos
R1 NgeNuity  United States 0 2 Kazakhstan  Terranos

Group E[edit]

 Bulgaria Wallace advances to Ro8
R3 Makin  Ecuador 2 3 Bulgaria  Wallace
R2 Miso  United States 0 2 Bulgaria  Wallace
R1 Wallace  Bulgaria 2 1 Australia  Fold

Group F[edit]

 Norway Dr.Shrinker advances to Ro8
R3 Dr.Shrinker  Norway 3 2 United States  PluS
R2 Hollow  Romania 1 2 United States  PluS
R1 PluS  United States 2 0 Romania  Zangetsu

Group G[edit]

 United States NoisE advances to Ro8
R3 Action  United States 1 3 United States  NoisE
R2 Oxyacety  Germany 1 2 United States  NoisE
R1 NoisE  United States 2 1 United States  Ninazerg

Group H[edit]

 Canada WandS advances to Ro8
R3 WandS  Canada 3 1 Russia  Espiritu
R2 Kororo  United States 0 2 Russia  Espiritu
R1 Espiritu  Russia 2 0 United States  Snipin_Panda


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