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North American Squad

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[e][h]North American Squad
Team Information
Canada Protoss DragOn
Canada Protoss lazersnipe (NaS-B)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Player earnings:


NaS (North American Squad) is a relatively new, but already one of the strongest teams in the foreign scene. The team has been participating in BroodWar Clan League since season 44, and also plays in Shinhan Tank Pro League. As of BWCL Season 49, NaS-B team was brought back. NaS-B was originally created back in 2017 to play in Pan-American Team League and was disbanded shortly after. The team originally only had players from North America, but they have added some non-NA players to their roster as time went by, including top foreign players TerrOr and EOnzErG.

NaS-A was disbanded on February 25th, 2020. NaS-B would keep functioning with Snipe[NaS] as the leader.[1] NaS-A Has since been revived but currently only competes in STPL, where as NaS-B competes in BWCL.


Player Roster[edit]



  • Canada Protoss lazersnipe (Snipe[NaS], B-Team Leader)
  • Canada  Maars (Maars[NaS], Captain)
  • United States  Armada
  • United States  Battousai
  • Canada  DarkMatter
  • United States  EXIT
  • Canada  Gambit
  • United States  Herbmon
  • Canada  Hisup
  • Canada  Newblish
  • Canada  NinjoOb
  • United States  pbjt
  • United States  Shafir
  • Canada  Shroom

*Kingdom[NaS] currently plays on both teams but is normally on NaS-A

Inactive/Past players

  • United States  Kaido
  • United States  junsu
  • United States Protoss seriOsity
  • United States  Shoop
  • United States  PiSan
  • United States  itnrgieu
  • United States  Irish

Team Achievements[edit]