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[e][h]NeO roxOr Team
Team Information
Team Captain:
Romania Zerg Flaf
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General Information[edit]

NrT was nominated for "team of the year 2008" by They have been a solid team defined by players such as FlaF and Praetor in bw and current SC2 pros DieStar, Predy and LzGamer. Flaf is known for competing in the 2nd TSL where he lost in the round of 32 to ret. Artunit also got to semi-finals of PSL where his games got casted by the famous casting duo Artosis and Tasteless. NRT is short for NeO roxOr Team. In April 2010 NrT joined forces with Infernal Gamers to begin playing SC2 as a joint team. Players Artunit joined as manager and Nitrous joined as team sponsor while Bonyth, DeathAngel, Spawn, Kimnamil and DieStar joined as players. During the last 3 seasons of Iccup clan league, NrT has been a top contender on the highest division managing to beat top teams like EG, ToT, Mouz, RoX, Fnatic and iG. While the team does not exist competitively in Brood War any more they still have a squad that competes in tournament "for fun".[1]

Team Achievements[edit]


  • BWCL Season 34


  • 4th place WGTCL Season 20


  • BWML Team Tour Season 12



  • Australia Nitrous